Over $1.6 Million Paid Out So Far in Natural8 Good Game Series

Over $1.6 Million Paid Out So Far in Natural8 Good Game Series

The Natural8 Good Game Series has $10 million guaranteed over its full schedule.

Table Of Contents

  • Good Game Series Early Results
  • GGS #005: $200K GTD [Sunday Main]
  • GGS #010: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #011: $300K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #012: $400K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #022: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #029: $50K GTD
  • GGS #031: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #032: $200K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #039: $50K GTD
  • GGS #041: $100K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • GGS #042: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]
  • Good Game Series Upcoming Highlights

On May 12, 2019, the $10 million guaranteed Good Game Series kicked off at Natural8. In just the first day, a total of $1,634,925 was paid out in prizes across 12 events. The biggest prize awarded to the champion on that day was over $170,000!

Here’s a recap on some of the biggest events in the first four days of this amazing 15-day MTT series. Plus, find out how you can win a ticket to the $500,000 Championship Event which will be held this Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Good Game Series Early Results

GGS #005: $200K GTD [Sunday Main]

GGS #005: $200K GTD [Sunday Main] cost $200 to enter, and put $200,000 guaranteed into the pool. When the dust cleared on registration, 1,215 entries brought the prize pool over that number to $223,560.

Canada’s ”Laxandschmier” triumphed and walked away with $35,335.13 prize after a heads-up match with Natural8’s good friend ”NikkyMouse”, leaving the runner up with a $25,406.25 second-place prize.

GGS #010: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]

The Natural8’s GGS #010: $150K GTD [Super High Roller] saw 89 entries of $2,500 each and a $211,375 prize pool that was shared among the top 13 finishers.

Six Canadians reached the money, which includes ”SasukeUchiha”, who fell in sixth place for $12,479, followed by ”HectorHermano” for $16,478. They were joined on the sidelines by ”LlinusLLove” of Austria who fired three bullets and collected $21,758, then by another fellow Austrian ”Joey12” whose third-place finish locked up $28,730.

Heads-up saw two maple leafs ”TEET1ME” and ”810ofclubs” fight for a $50,093 top prize, and it was the former who got his or her hands on this huge sum, resigning "810ofclubs" to the $37,937 runner-up prize.

GGS #011: $300K GTD [Super High Roller]

A field of 94 was attracted to the $5,000 buy-in GGS #011: $300K GTD Super High Roller, resulting in a $446,500 prize pool that was shared among the top 13 finishers.

After firing three bullets, ”SanityWaterline” busted in eighth place for $15,119 before ”vamossuerte” and ”HogFish333” ran out of steam and walked away with prizes of $19,964 and $26,361, respectively.

Fifth place went to ”PyramidOfSkulls” who netted $34,808 with fourth-place going to ”HONEYDETECTED” who won $45,962. It was Natural8 regular ”AceKing41” of Canada who grabbed the $60,690 third-place prize, which set up a heads-up battle between Mexico’s ”2gbenz” and Canada’s ”HectorHermano”, making another final table appearance.

It was the Canadian who triumphed and walked away with a $105,816 prize, leaving "2gbenz" to lock up the $80,137 second-place prize.

GGS #012: $400K GTD [Super High Roller]

After finishing in eighth in the previous event, ”SanityWaterline” pocketed another $173,790 thanks to coming out on top of a 42-strong field in the GGS #012: $400K GTD [Super High Roller].

Only five places were paid with fifth place and $25,607 going to Finland’s ”MiMosa1” who was joined on the sidelines by ”StacknNvrSlackn” — fourth place was worth $40,683.

Lithuania’s ”LaurisL91” then exited in third place for a $64,634 prize before ”SanityWaterline” defeated ”FkTheseGuysBro” heads-up for the title and $173,790, with the runner-up winning a still respectable $102,684.

GGS #022: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]

The GGS #022: $150K GTD drew in a field of 46 entrants who helped create a $218,500 prize pool that was shared among the top 6 finishers.

Each of the six players who reached the money locked up at least $10,450 for their troubles and this was the sum ”WOOLOOLOO” walked away with when he busted in sixth-place.

”PokerBluff1” from Hungary busted in fifth-place and banked $15,558. Natural8 ambassador Michael Soyza and Lithuania’s ”LaurisL91” exited with $23,163 and $34,485, respectively, leaving two titans to battle it out heads-up.

Heads up saw ”MiMosa1” of Finland going toe-to-toe with Canada’s ”SasukeUchiha” for the top prize of $83,499. It was the latter who got their hands on this huge sum, leaving MiMosa1 to the $51,343 runner-up prize.

GGS #029: $50K GTD

A field of 89 ensured the GGS #029: $50K GTD surpassed its guarantee by $14,550 and it was ”SanityWaterline” of Ukraine who benefited the most, coming out on top for a $10,860 haul for his second win of the series. He’s the first repeat winner of GGS. The Ukrainian defeated Canada’s ”AceKing41” heads-up to resign the second place finisher to a $7,809 prize.

Thailand’s ”r0ller” was the last to receive a five-figure prize, scoring the third place for $11,492. United Kingdom’s ”pDNA” fired three bullets, $1,000 each, but still managed to turn their $3,000 investment into $8,703 after busting in fourth place.

Meanwhile, $6,591 went to fifth-place finisher ”Pdawg” and $4,991 went to sixth-place finisher ”FkTheseGuysBro” who fired three bullets.

Hungary’s ”PokerBluff1” and Canada’s ”Picasso16” could not make a return on their investment after firing four bullets each. The former finished in seventh place for $3,780 while the latter received $2,863 for finishing in eighth place.

GGS #031: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]

United Kingdom’s ”chan593” walked away with a $44,414 prize after taking down the GGS #031: $150K GTD [Super High Roller] event, a tournament that saw 36 players battle it out for glory. An additional 32 reentries pushed the field to 68.

Nobody at the final table won less than $5,302, the prize awarded to ”RuiNF” of Netherlands who busted in ninth place.

Following "RuiNF" to the rail are ”SanityWaterline” and ”PyramidOfSkulls”, collecting prizes of $6,782 and $8,674, respectively.

Austria’s ”waffenpass” was the next player to head to the showers, doing so having secured an $11,094 addition to his or her bankroll. Fifth place and $13,189 went to ”vivaegipto” before ”Schnappi7” came unstuck in fourth for $18,147.

China’s ”AFURI” finished in third place for $23,210 and Colombia’s ”HogFish333” turned their $2,500 investment into $29,684 at second-place.

GGS #032: $200K GTD [Super High Roller]

The GGS #032: $200K GTD [Super High Roller] saw 51 players take to the felt resulting in a prize pool of $242,250, which was shared by six players. Mexico’s ”goodeggplant” was the first player to cash, getting their hands on $11,585.

Costa Rica’s ”TexasPete” soon followed, busting fifth for $17,249 right before ”Picasso16” in fourth, banking $25,680.

Third place and $38,234 went to ”vamossuerte” from Mexico, which left ”chan593” and ”PokerOKbro” as the last two players standing. Chan593, who had a chance to win his second event in this tournament series was unfortunately crushed. The latter, a Russian, emerged victorious for $92,575 while his opponent collected $56,923 for second place.

GGS #039: $50K GTD

Another $1,000 buy-in tournament was the GGS #039: $50K GTD that saw a field of 73 players, resulting in a prize pool of $69,350 that was shared among the top nine.

The first to exit the final table was ”MiMosa1” in ninth place for $2,277, Followed shortly by ”pDNA” at eighth place with $2,912.

Two of Canada’s grinders, namely ”FkTheseGuysBro” and ”SasukeUchiha”, scored $3,724 and $4,764, respectively ,after busting in seventh and sixth place.

Then, $6,093 went to fifth-place finisher China’s ”haolreee” before Russia’s ”Veraaa1” and Mexico’s ”ravenoustrashdog” lost their stacks and bolstered their bankrolls with $7,792 and $9,966, respectively.

This exit left ”SanityWaterline” and ”Picasso16” to lock horns heads-up for the title. "SanityWaterline" missed the chance to lock his third win for the series when they busted in second for $12,747 and "Picasso16" took home $19,072 for their victory.

GGS #041: $100K GTD [Super High Roller]

Canada’s ”oivens22” emerged victorious from the GGS #041: $100K GTD [Super High Roller] event to get his hands on a $45,253 prize.

It was a tough final table and any of the seven finalists would have been worthy champions. After ”HogFish333” and ”Picasso16” busted in seventh and sixth-place for $5,422 and $7,510, respectively, everyone else was guaranteed a five-figure score for their efforts.

”MiMosa1” pocketed another $10,404 after falling in fifth-place. Joining "MiMosa1" at the rails shortly after was fellow final table regular ”FkTheseGuysBro” in fourth place, banking $14,412.

After Hungary’s ”FailBassLuck” exited in third for $19,965, two of the Canadians battled. "AceKing41" eventually fell in second place, taking home $27,656 as return for his investment of $2,500.

GGS #042: $150K GTD [Super High Roller]

The GGS #042: $150K GTD [Super High Roller] event smashed its guarantee by $68,500 and Mexico’s ”ravenoustrashdog” took full advantage of the juicy prize pool by topping a field of 46 entrants to secure a score worth $83,499.

Any of the six players at the final table could have won this event, as there was a wealth of talent. The sixth-
and fifth-place finishers fired two bullets each, with ”vamossuerte” getting $10,450 and ”oivens22” fresh from the previous event ending up fifth for $15,558.

”FailBassLuck” also returned, pocketing another $23,163 into his growing bankroll for fourth.

That one from Canada and two from Mexico duking it out for about $169,000 in remaining prize monies. Canada’s ”Schauffele” fell short, still scoring a respectable $34,485 for getting third.

The two remaining titans of Mexico, ”NOMAMES” and ”ravenoustrashdog” were left to battle. The former, after firing two bullets settled for second, still banking a sizable $51,343.

Good Game Series Upcoming Highlights

Four down, nine to go. Within just four days, Natural8 has paid out more than $3,400,000 prizes in total. Guarantees have been smashed and the field has proven to be impressive with a grand total of 18,317 entrants.

This Sunday, May 19, guarantees will further ramp up to $1,730,000 with the start of the $500,000 GTD Championship Event. The Championship Event will be a Phased tourney (Day 1/2) and it will boast the biggest guarantee of the series.

Natural8 is even giving out tickets to the Championship Event to 20 lucky winners. Players are eligible for the lucky draw simply by depositing or playing any of the series events. Hurry though, the dateline ends on Saturday, May 18. Head on over to their site for more details.

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