Akran Assadi Leads After Day 1bc Flights of the RGPS Tunica Horseshoe Main Event

Akran Assadi Leads After Day 1bc Flights of the RGPS Tunica Horseshoe Main Event

Akran Assadi

Days 1b and 1c of the Run Good Poker Series (RGPS) Tunica Horseshoe Main Event are in the bag and Sim Therrell is the overall chip leader heading into Day 2 with 238,500. Akran Assadi (231,500) and Richard Bolden (208,500) both made a good run at taking the top spot from Day 1a chip leader Therrell on Day 1bc, but fell short. They were still the only three players to bag more than 200,000.

Top 10 Day 2 Chip Counts

Place Player Count
1 Sim Therrell 238,500
2 Akram Assadi 231,500
3 Richard Bolden 208,500
4 Chad Marsh 196,500
5 Edward Allen 194,000
6 Kyle Cartwright 178,000
7 Tony Higgins 159,500
8 Gary Bass 156,500
9 Yousef Saleh 150,500
10 Dan Crossett 147,000

Many of the Run Good ambassadors fired a few bullets but were unable to find a bag. Dan Lowery (92,500), Mason Hinkle (44,000), and Kyle Cartwright (178,000) are through to Day 2. Meanwhile, Dan "Wretchy" Martin, Keith Ferrera, Emily Larson, and Clint Tolbert are on the outside looking in.

Another player who fell was Connie Rice. In the penultimate level of the night, Rice was facing a raise to 8,000 from Kevin Arrowood and three-bet all in for 39,400. Arrowood waited for the count, counted out the chips to call, cracked his neck and breathed out before calling.

Rice showed {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades} and Arrowood showed {9-Spades}{9-Diamonds}.

The flop came {8-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}, giving Arrowood more outs to catch Rice.

The turn was the {9-Hearts}, putting Arrowood in the lead, but giving Rice outs to chop.

The river was the {k-Hearts} and Arrowood won the hand, eliminating Rice. However, all hope is not lost for Rice, who will return tomorrow to play the stack she bagged on Day 1a.

Connie Rice
Connie Rice

There were 495 total entries with 360 of those playing Saturday during the Day 1b and 1c flights. The total prize pool is $247,500 and the first-place prize will be $56,924.

Day 2 of the RGPS Tunica Horseshoe Main Event will restart at noon Sunday. It will be a little bit of a shorter wait thanks to daylight savings time, which will move the clocks forward an hour.

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  • The winner of the @RGPokerSeries @Horseshoetunica Main Event will take home a top prize of $56,924.

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