Become a Skrill VIP and Enjoy This Wealth of Benefits

Become a Skrill VIP and Enjoy This Wealth of Benefits

Skrill VIP

Those of you looking for a way to move money to and from online poker sites and thousands of vendors around the world should look no further than Skrill, one of the word’s leading payment processors.

Not only do Skrill users enjoy an easy-to-use platform that is widely accepted around the world, those Skrill users who use the service regularly enjy a wealth of benefots once they achieve VIP status. These benefits include being able to send money for free, free bank withdrawals, better exchange rates, dedicated VIP care and even a prepaid MasterCard that allows you access to your Skrill balance 24/7 almost anywhere on the planet.

How to Become a Skrill VIP

Becoming a Skrill VIP is much easier than you would think; you simply have to use your Skrill account. VIP statuses are granted every quarter of the year, with the four quarters shown below.

  • Quarter 1: January to March
  • Quarter 2: April to June
  • Quarter 3: July to September
  • Quarter 4: October to December

The more you use your Skrill account during a calendar quarter, the better the benefits will be. Once you have made €6,000 worth of transactions in a quarter, you become a Bronze VIP. Increase the value of your quartery transactions to €15,000 and the rewards improve because you will be a Silver VIP.

Some Skrill customers love the service so much that they manage to transact €45,000 in a quarter, giving them Gold VIP status, while the high rollers among us make €90,000 or more worth of transactons in a calendar quarter and become Diamond VIPs, the top tier of this program.

Skrill VIP Programme Benefits

Benefit Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Multi-currency account No One account Two accounts Three accounts
Personal Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Priority bank uploads No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated 24/7 VIP Care Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send Money Fee 1.45% Free Free Free
Send Money Fee Cap No cap Zero Zero Zero
Bank withdrawal fees €5.50 Free Free Free
Skrill Waller FX Rates 3.79% 2.89% 2.59% 1.99%

As you can see in the table above, the higher your Skrill VIP status, the better the rewards are. Reaching Bronze VIP requires €6,000 worth of transactions in a calendar quarter, which sounds a lot, but deposits and withdrawals from online poker sites and other non-poker vendors count towards this total so you will rack up transactions in no time at all, especially if you’re trying to clear several online poker bonuses.

Claim Your Prepaid MasterCard

Skrill VIPs have the option to receive a prepaid MasterCard. This card is accepted around the world wherever you see the MasterCard logo. Having this Skrill Prepaid MasterCard gies you access to your Skrill balance 24/7, meaning you could possibly use your Skrill account to pay for a dinner date, gas for your car, anything really, and all these transactions count towards your quarterly VIP status!

Fee/Limit Non VIP Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Application Fee €10 Free Free Free Free
Daily ATM Limit €900 €1,200 €1,500 €3,000 €5,000
ATM withdrawal fee 1.75% €1.80 Free Free Free
Daily POS limit €2,700 €3,000 €3,000 €5,000 €10,000
FX Fee 3.99% 3.79% 2.89% 2.59% 1.99%
Replacement fee €10 Free Free Free Free
Annual Fee €10 Free Free Free Free

Sign up for a free Skrill account today and start making transactions to see if you can reach VIP status by the end of the next quarter.

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