Bestpoker’s Big Hand Jackpot Could Net You $37,750!

Bestpoker’s Big Hand Jackpot Could Net You $37,750!

Bestpoker Big Hand Jackpot

Cash game players are flocking to Bestpoker on the GG Network as they attempt to trigger the juicy Big Hand Jackpot that could net them more than $37,000.

The ongoing Big Hand Jackpot promotion is designed for no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha cash game players and, as the name suggests, revolves around making one of the strongest poker hands at the table. While these hands do not come along often, you will scoop a sizeable jackpot if you do manage to make one.

Big Hand Jackpot Payouts

Should your no-limit hold’em hand improve to four of a kind, you will receive five percent of the jackpot, which is rapidly approaching $75,500. This would mean you would win approximately $3,775 from the Big Hand Jackpot in addition to the pot you are almost certain to win at the tables.

Finish the hand with a straight flush and 20 percent of the Big Hand Jackpot is yours, or approximately $15,100. Make a royal flush and 50 percent of the current Big Hand Jackpot will find its way to your Bestpoker account; that’s around $37,750.

*Note that the percentages quoted are halved if you make the qualifying hands at a pot-limit Omaha table as these hands occur more frequently in PLO games.

Jackpot Hand Hold’em Omaha
Royal Flush 50% 25%
Straight Flush 20% 10%
Four of a Kind 5% 2.5%

There are some rules that need to be met before the Big Hand Jackpot is triggered. You can check them out in the list below. A slice of the ever-increasing Big Hand Jackpot is all yours once the following qualification criteria is met.

  • Commit at least 15 big blinds before you improve to a qualifying jackpot hand
  • Use both hole cards to make a straight or royal flush
  • Use a pocket pair as your hole cards to make four of a kind
  • Improving to a jackpot hand will not count if you hit it using the Run It many Times (RIMT) feature at Natural8 cash games

Bestpoker adds one big blind to the Big Hand Jackpot from every pot that exceeds 30 big blinds and the same jackpot is awarded regardless of the stakes you are playing for when it is triggered. Imagine playing micro or low stakes cash games and walking away with more than $37,000!

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Bestpoker offers all PokerNews readers a first deposit bonus worth up to $2,000. Download Bestpoker via PokerNews, create your free Bestpoker account, then make a deposit of at least $10. Your initial deposit, up to a maximum of $2,000, is matched by Bestpoker 100 percent in the form of a clearable bonus.

You then have 90 days to release as much of the bonus as possible, with the bonus being converted to usable funds at a rate of $1 for every $10 contributed in rake or tournament fees.

Head to Bestpoker today, help yourself to a big welcome bonus and see if you can scoop up to 50 percent of the growing Big Hand Jackpot.


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  • The Bestpoker Big Hand Jackpot continues to grow… Triggering it now could net you up to $37,750.

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