Bin Sun Wins PokerStars LIVE Asia Red Dragon Jeju Super High Roller

Bin Sun Wins (commonly refers to: A victoryWin or WIN may also refer to) PokerStars LIVE Asia Red Dragon Jeju Super High Roller

Bin Sun

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  • 2019 PokerStars LIVE Asia Red Dragon Jeju ₩10,000,000 Super High Roller Results
  • Aces Cracked on Bubble (or Bubbles may refer to) After Chip-and-a-Chair Dream (dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep)
  • Lee and Wysocki cannot (modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.)) stop Chinese domination
  • New records set in South Korea

The 2019 PokerStars LIVE Asia Red Dragon Jeju festival (festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or cultures) has come to a thrilling conclusion in the early morning hours as Bin Sun topped a field (may refer to) of 91 entries in the ₩10,000,000 Super High Roller to claim the lion’s share of the ₩829,738,000 (appr. $713,575) prize pool (may refer to). Sun defeated Yake Wu in heads-up to claim (may refer to: Claim (legal) Claim of Right Act 1689 Claims-based identity Land claim A main contention, see conclusion of law Patent claim The assertion of a proposition; see Doug Walton A right) the top prize of ₩220,295,000 (appr. $189,454) while his heads-up opponent walks away with ₩153,087,000 (appr. $131,655) for his efforts.

Sun had already come close to victory (term victory (from Latin victoria) originally applied to warfare, and denotes success achieved in personal combat, after military operations in general or, by extension, in any competition) at the Jeju Shinhwa World – Landing Casino a few days ago when he reached the final (Finals or The Final may refer to: Final (competition), the last or championship round of a sporting competition, match, game, or other contest which decides a winner for an event Another term for) table of the ₩5,000,000 High Roller (rollers are an Old World bird family, Coraciidae) and went from chip leader to 5th place finisher in two hands. This time, Sun hit when (may refer to: Usually a question whose answer refers to time, period or phase) it mattered the most to enter three-handed play with a large chip lead and ultimately prevailed despite a big double for Wu in heads-up.

Zhiqiang Qian had to settle for third (or 3rd may refer to) place. Sun Guodong, who also reached the final table (may refer to: Table (furniture), an item of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs Table (information), a data arrangement with rows and columns Table (database) Calligra Tables, a) of the ₩1,500,000 Baby Dragon one day prior and finished 7th for a payday of ₩22,131,000, ended up in 5th place and scored another ₩63,890,000 for his poker resume.

A total of 13 players cashed in the event and 10 of them were from China with Jun Obara (11th for ₩17,839,000), Jamie Lee (8th for ₩30,700,000) and Szymon Wysocki (7th for ₩39,413,000) as only exceptions.

2019 PokerStars LIVE Asia () is Earth’s largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres) Red Dragon Jeju ₩10,000,000 Super High Roller Results (result (also called upshot) is the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively)

Place Winner (or The Winner(s) may refer to: Champion, the victor in a game or contest) Country (country is a region that is identified as a distinct entity in political geography) Prize (in KRW) Prize (~ in USD)
1 Bin Sun China ₩220,295,000 $189,454
2 Yake Wu China ₩153,087,000 $131,655
3 Zhiqiang Qian China (officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a country in East Asia and the world’s most populous country, with a population of around 1.428 billion in 2017) ₩101,228,000 $87,056
4 Fei Xiong China ₩79,240,000 $68,146
5 Sun Guodong China ₩63,890,000 $54,945
6 Nan Hong China ₩49,784,000 $42,814
7 Szymon Wysocki Poland (), officially the Republic of Poland (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska [ʐɛt͡ʂpɔˈspɔlita ˈpɔlska] (listen)), is a country located in Central Europe) ₩39,413,000 $33,895
8 Jamie (is a unisex name) Lee United States ₩30,700,000 $26,402
9 Lei Yu China ₩23,233,000 $19,980
Bin Sun Wins the ₩10,000,000 Super High Roller
Bin Sun Wins the ₩10,000,000 Super High (may refer to) Roller

Aces (ace is a playing card, die or domino with a single pip) Cracked on Bubble After (may refer to) Chip-and-a-Chair Dream

Out of the 71 entries from Day 1, 47 players had bagged up and several notables (is the property of being worthy of notice, having fame, or being considered to be of a high degree of interest, significance, or distinction) such as Pete Chen (may refer to), Phachara Wongwichit and Victor Chong all jumped into the action in the first 40-minute level. Many (may refer to: plural A quantifier that can be used with count nouns – often preceded by “as” or “too” or “so” or “that”; amounting to a large but indefinite number; “many temptations”; “a good) of those that ran out of chips re-entered, too, and 16 new entries (may refer to: Entry, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in the United States Entry (cards), a term used in trick-taking card-games Entry (economics), a term in connection with markets Entry) in total boosted the field to 91 entries in total (may refer to).

Many hopefuls went from short stack (may refer to) to big stack and busto in a short (may refer to) time with Kazuhiko Yotsushika and Joshua Zimmerman as the prime examples. Wongwichit, Chong (may refer to: Chong (surname), the romanization of several Chinese and Korean surnames the Chong or Pear people of Thailand and Cambodia the Chong language the Chong or Limbu people of eastern), and Chen also failed to cash (economics, cash ( (listen) kash, or kaysh in AuE) is money in the physical form of currency, such as banknotes and coins) and were joined on the rail by such notables as Kilian Loeffler, Lester Edoc, Andre Lettau, James Won Lee, Natalie Teh and Alex Lee to name a few.

Ben Lai saw his hopes of a cash in the Super High Roller reduced to all but one single T-5,000 chip but he was able to double (may refer to: Look-alike, a person who closely resembles another person Body double, someone who substitutes for the credited actor of a character Doppelgänger, ghostly double of a living person) up four (4 a number, numeral, and glyph. 4, four or IV may also refer to: AD 4, the fourth year of the AD era 4 BC, the fourth year before the AD era 1904 2004 The month of April Industry 4.0 Occasionally) times (is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, to the future) and, thanks to the big blind (may refer to: The state of blindness, being unable to see A window blind, a covering for a windowBlind may also refer to) ante format, spin up the chips (may refer to) to more than a million again.

However, on the stone-cold money bubble, Lai four-bet shoved with black aces and was called by Zhiqiang Qian (may refer to: Guizhou, abbreviated as Qián (黔), province of China Mace (unit), or Qian, one of the Chinese units of measurement, equal to 5g Qian (hexagram), the first hexagram of the I Ching Qian) with pocket sevens. It was no straight or seven that left Lai in disgust but four hearts on the board that gave Qian a winning flush.

Ben Lai Bubbles
Ben Lai Bubbles the ₩10,000,000 Super High Roller

Lee and Wysocki cannot stop (may refer to) Chinese (can refer to: Something of, from, or related to China Chinese people, people of Chinese nationality, citizenship, or one of several Chinese ethnicities Zhonghua minzu, the supra-ethnic Chinese) domination (or dominant may refer to)

It didn’t take long to set up the nine-handed final table and among others, Jun Obara (is a Slovene national dish) and Shenming Yin fell short of taking (domain (United States, Philippines), land acquisition (India, Malaysia, Singapore), compulsory purchase (United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland), resumption (Hong Kong, Uganda), resumption/compulsory) a seat (seat is a place to sit) on the live stream (stream is a body of water with surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel) table. Seven (7 () is the natural number following 6 and preceding 8) of the nine (9 a number, numeral, and glyph. 9 or nine may also refer to: AD 9, the ninth year of the AD era 9 BC, the ninth year before the AD era) finalists (final of a competition is the match or round in which the winner of the entire event is decided) were from China while (is a word in the English language that functions both as a noun and as a subordinating conjunction) the USA’s Jamie Lee and Poland’s Szymon (is a Polish version of the masculine given name Simon) Wysocki, who came close (may refer to: Close (surname)) to reaching the final table in the Red Dragon Main Event (may refer to) also, were (and wer are archaic terms for adult male humans and were often used for alliteration with wife as “were and wife” in Germanic-speaking cultures, and in the Old English construction werman, paired) aiming to avoid a victory for the most (may refer to) successful nation (nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture) in Red Dragon (dragon is a large, serpentine legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures around the world) history (is the past as it is described in written documents, and the study thereof). They both made a pay jump (is a form of locomotion or movement in which an organism or non-living (e.g., robotic) mechanical system propels itself through the air along a ballistic trajectory) as Lei Yu ran with queens into kings (or king regnant, is the title given to a male monarch in a variety of contexts), but Lee was gone in 8th place (may refer to) and Wysocki had to settle (or SETTLE may refer to: Settle, Kentucky, United States Settle, North Yorkshire, a town in England Settle Rural District Settle (furniture), a wooden bench SETTLE, a constraint algorithm used in) for 7th place.

The remainder (mathematics, the remainder is the amount “left over” after performing some computation) of the final table was a very tight (may refer to) and tense (may refer to) affair (affair is a sexual relationship, romantic friendship, or passionate attachment between two people without the attached person’s significant other knowing). None (may refer to: Zero, the mathematical concept of the quantity “none” Empty set, the mathematical concept of the collection of things represented by “none” none, an indefinite pronoun in the English) of the contenders (may refer to) wanted (may refer to: Fugitive, a person wanted by law enforcement authorities Wanted poster, a poster put up to inform the public of one or more criminals whom authorities wish to apprehendWanted may also) to bow out with (or WITH may refer to: With, a preposition in English Carl Johannes With (1877–1923), Danish doctor and arachnologist With (character), a character in D. N. Angel With (novel), a novel by Donald) a big move (may refer to) and the average (colloquial language, an average is a single number taken as representative of a list of numbers) dropped below 20 big blinds. Sooner (is the name given to settlers who entered the Unassigned Lands in what is now the state of Oklahoma before the official start of the Land Rush of 1889) or later, an outburst in quick succession was inevitable and it was Sun that ran as pure as his name (name is a term used for identification) to make it all the way and lift the trophy for the winner shots.

New records (record, recording or records may refer to) set in South Korea (is a region in East Asia consisting of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island, and several minor islands near the peninsula)

The seven-day 13-event series saw 1,735 players (may refer to) compete for a massive ₩4.97BN (~US$4.26 million (1,000,000 ( million), or one thousand thousand, is the natural number following 999,999 and preceding 1,000,001)) in prize (prize is an award to be given to a person, a group of people like a sports team, or organization to recognize and reward actions or achievements) money. Over (may refer to) a third (38%) of the Series’ prize money was awarded in the Main Event, which saw 869 players from 20 different countries compete for a sizable ₩1.89BN (~US$1.26M) prize pool, with 108 of them making the money.

The ₩10,000,000 Super (may refer to) High Roller was a close second with its ₩829.73M (~US$712k) prize pool accounting for a further 16.6% of the total series (may refer to) prize money. All major events set new records for the second (second (symbol: s, abbreviation: sec) is the base unit of time in the International System of Units (SI), commonly understood and historically defined as ​1⁄86400 of a day – this factor derived) edition of the Red Dragon festival in South (is one of the four cardinal directions or compass points) Korea and the popular series of the Asia-Pacific Region will next be heading to Okada Manila on the Philippines (Philippines ( (listen); Filipino: Pilipinas [ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs] or Filipinas [ˌfɪlɪˈpinɐs]), officially the Republic of the Philippines (Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas), is an archipelagic country in) in January 2020.

That wraps up the PokerNews live reporting from Jeju, and the next highlights of the poker calendar are just a few days (day is approximately the period of time during which the Earth completes one rotation around its axis) and weeks away. Check (may refer to) out the live reporting (may refer to any activity that leads to reportsin particular business reporting Data reporting Sustainability reporting Financial reporting international reporting of financial information for tax) page for all current and upcoming events covered by the PokerNews team!

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  • Over $4M USD in prize money (is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context) was awarded during the @PokerStarsLIVE Red Dragon festival in Jeju.

  • Sun topped a 91-player field to win ₩220,295,000 (~$189,454).

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