Check Out FLOOOP at Winamax if You Love Postflop Poker

Check Out FLOOOP at Winamax if You Love Postflop Poker

Check Out FLOOOP at Winamax if You Love Postflop Poker

Do you enjoy playing post flop poker? If so, listen-up as Winamax has just what you are looking for.

Winamax is perfectly legal and regulated to play in Spain and has a special family pot style no-limit hold’em cash game that could be right up your alley game dubbed FLOOOP.

Instead of there being blinds, each player sitting in a hand will instead put up an ante and immediately see a flop. This is your chance to win a big pot by cracking aces with seven-deuce offsuit that you would otherwise never have since why would you put more money into the pot preflop with seven-deuce?

There is a FLOOOP cash table for everyone with buy-ins as low as €50 going all the way up to €500. In the lowest stakes games the ante each hand for each player is only €0.02, something every poker player can afford.

FLOOOP Buy-ins and Antes

Table Ante Buy-in
FLOOOP €0.50 €0.02 €0.50€ to €1
FLOOOP €2.50 €0.10 €2.50 to €5
FLOOOP €10 €0.40 €10 to €20
FLOOOP €50 €2 €50 to €100
FLOOOP €250 €10 €250 to €500
Check Out FLOOOP at Winamax if You Love Postflop Poker 101
FLOOOP buy-ins

Winamax has also taken an active roll in reducing table hunting with penalties dished out of players are sitting out before playing 10 hands more than once and attempting to rejoin the action. The penalties listed below are all cumulative and reset after 12 hours.

  • First table left before playing 10 hands: no penalty
  • Second table left: one-minute penalty
  • Third table left: two-minute penalty
  • Fourth table: five-minute penalty
  • Fifth table: ten-minute penalty
  • Sixth table: twenty-minute penalty
  • Seventh table: thirty-minute penalty
  • Eighth table: sixty-minute penalty

Need an Account?

If you want to play in the family pot cash game FLOOOP you will need an account at Winamax. If you don’t already have one, we have great news for you.

Download Winamax and all of your deposits within the first 10 days of your first deposit will be matched in the form of a bonus up to €500. You have three months to clear the bonus giving you plenty of time to convert it into your real money balance.

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  • Every player sees a flop in the FLOOOP at Winamax.

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