Daniel "JungleMan" Cates Visits Tokyo & Roasts Dan Bilzerian

Daniel "JungleMan" Cates Visits Tokyo & Roasts Dan Bilzerian

Daniel "junglemandan" Cates visited Tokyo and roasted Dan Bilzerian on Twitter.

Table Of Contents

  • High Costs for Side Bet
  • Tokyo Updates
  • Roasting Bilzerian

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for Daniel "junglemandan" Cates. The American high roller garnered some attention for a variety of reasons, starting with a prop bet gone awry at Triton Jeju.

And while Cates doesn’t usually share much in the way of personal adventures or get entangled in twitter battles, last week was an exception as he had time on his hands in Tokyo.

High Costs for Side Bet

Before his trip to Tokyo, Cates visited Jeju to compete in the Triton Poker Series. During one of the events, Cates got a bit distracted with a side bet idea that affected his play in a pretty significant way. Watch the action unfold below:

Tokyo Updates

Following Jeju, Cates took a trip to Tokyo, evidently to sample some food, animals and culture. He shares photos from his trip via Instagram.

Roasting Bilzerian

While in Tokyo, Cates saw an opportunity to needle Dan Bilzerian on Twitter.

Sarcasm breeds sarcasm, and Sam Panzica added his two cents.

Bilzerian returned fire and Cates ended things on an agreeable note, albeit a sardonic one.

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  • Accidentally going all in to exploring Tokyo to blasting Dan Bilzerian on Twitter: it was a busy week for Dan Cates.

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