Danilo Velasevic Leads Final Six in €1,100 EPT Prague National

Danilo Velasevic Leads Final Six in €1,100 EPT Prague National

Danilo Velasevic

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  • €1,100 EPT Prague National Final Table Draw
  • €1,100 EPT Prague National Day 3 Action
  • Final Table Action

The final six in the 2018 €1,100 EPT Prague National are all guaranteed €71,800 (~$81,301), but when play resumes tomorrow, they will all have eyes on the €382,750 (~$433,399) in prize money that awaits the winner of this event.

Leading the way is Danilo Velasevic after the last hand of the night saw him soar to the top of the chip counts. The Serbian slow-played aces, just calling a three-bet. He flopped a set and then got it in on the turn against the pair and flush draw of Mohamad El-Rais. The river bricked out allowing Velasevic to move over twenty million in chips.

€1,100 EPT Prague National Final Table Draw

Seat Name Country Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Ali Al Saidy Norway 14,850,000 59
2 Walter Treccarichi Italy 16,725,000 67
3 Ondrej Lon Czech Republic 8,975,000 36
4 Danilo Velasevic Serbia 20,675,000 83
5 Boris Mondrus Israel 9,525,000 38
6 Ut Tam Vo France 5,400,000 22

"It was an up and down day," Velasevic told PokerNews. "I played really good, I think. I made a few bluffs, and just now that last hand was so sick. I saw this guy three-betting too much and I just thought he was fooling around. That’s why I just called.

"I prefer having a big stack going into the final day. I’ll try to put some pressure on people and I hope to win!"

For large portions of the final table, it looked like either Walter Treccarichi or Ali Al Saidy would bag the chip lead. Treccarichi recovered from two early doubles to come into the unofficial final table as chip leader, with Al Saidy eliminating two players back-to-back in 12th and 11th, and continuing to chip up at the final table.

However, it will be Velasevic who goes to bed tonight as the chip leader, no doubt dreaming of the title, trophy and over €300,000 in prize money.

€1,100 EPT Prague National Day 3 Action

There were a series of doubles to start the day before Charlie Carrel became the first elimination, immediately jumping into the €50,000 Super High Roller. That trickle became a flood, as seven more players exited, bringing the tournament to three tables within the first level’s play.

Overnight chip leader Iliya Iliev was still in the lead at this point, with Preben Stokkan not far behind. However, not long later Stokkan would hand over almost three million in chips to Boris Mondrus after the Norwegian bet flop and turn with a straight draw, and then bluffed the river when his draw missed. Mondrus called with ace-high, pushing him to the top of the counts.

Like Stokkan, Jean-Noel Thorel had come into the day with a big stack, but lost a big pot to Al Saidy’s kings, and would lose a flip against Ut Tam Vo to bust in 18th, narrowly missing out on the two table redraw.

By the redraw, it was Al Saidy in the lead with Mondrus and Tam Vo in second and third respectively. However, by the time the next break came around it was Treccarichi into the lead after securing a big double with ace-king when he rivered a king to crack fellow Italian Alessandro Mazzilli’s nines.

Start of day chip-leader Iliev got it in with a suited ace against the pocket tens of Ondrej Lon, only to come out second best. He was soon eliminated in 13th place as the tournament barrelled onwards.

Czech bracelet winner Lukas Zaskodny was eliminated in 11th place after ace-nine failed to catch up against the ace-queen of Velasevic, and Florian Duta was out in 10th bringing the tournament to an unofficial final table of nine.

Iliya Iliev
Start of day chip leader Iliya Iliev was eliminated in 13th place.

Final Table Action

Treccarichi was still in the lead, with Mondrus, Lon and Al Saidy the other three players with seven-figure stacks. Bringing up the rear was Canadian Harpreet Padda who got it in good against El-Rais, only to emerge second best and bust in ninth place.

Al Saidy had a late surge with just two eliminations remaining in the day, moving to the top of the chip counts as Treccarichi dropped back, despite eliminating Vasileios Tsaknis in eighth place. But El-Rais’s elimination meant that Velasevic overtook him and will be in pole position when play resumes at midday Wednesday.

Walter Treccarichi
Walter Treccarichi heads to the final day second in chips.

Stay tuned to to see who emerges victorious in the €1,100 EPT Prague National.

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  • Danilo Velasevic of Serbia looking to claim the €382,750 ($433,399) top prize in the €1,100 EPT Prague National.

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