Evy Widvey Kvilhaug Turning €55 into a Lot More in the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event

Evy Widvey Kvilhaug Turning €55 into a Lot More in the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event

Online satellite qualifier Evy Widvey Kvilhaug has made Day 4 of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event.

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  • Small Stakes to the Big Stage
  • EPT Main Event Rollercoaster

Evy Widvey Kvilhaug is having the run of her life in the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour €5,300 EPT Main Event after qualifying for just €55 online at PokerStars. From that feeder satellite, she got into a €530 direct qualifier which she nearly bubbled.

Just before today’s Day 4 kicked off, Widvey spoke with PokerNews about winning her entry and her experience so far.

"It was so exciting in the end there," said Widvey of the satellite. "So I barely made it and I think it took me a couple of days before I understood what I really won. It’s been crazy."

Small Stakes to the Big Stage

Widvey came in with very few expectations as a small-stakes online player with $9,000 in cashes on her Hendon Mob.

"I think it took me a couple of days before I understood what I really won. It’s been crazy."

"I knew it was going to be a lot of good players so I just thought, let’s go for the experience, it’s going to be fun to say ‘I played in an EPT once.’ Now I can say I played in an EPT once and I cashed!’" she said.

Widvey admits she’s been quite nervous throughout the event, but her boyfriend Oerjan Holt has been even more so.

"I’ve never been to this big of an event," Widvey explained. "It’s been really exciting and really scary."

This isn’t her first live event she’s qualified for, but it’s by far the biggest.

"We’ve been on some trips but it’s been on a smaller scale!"

"[My boyfriend] was the first one to tell me how bad I was."

Widvey may be new to the EPT, but she’s not knew to the game of poker. She had already been playing for a year when she met Holt through poker four years ago, and he’s been a big influence on her poker game.

"He was the first one to tell me how bad I was," she said with a chuckle. "He’s helped me a lot and he’s meeting me on my breaks here, too."

EPT Main Event Rollercoaster

On Day 3, Widvey got short on a few occasions and thought she was about to go out a couple times. Each time, though, she found a double-up for new life and stuck around. She came into Day 4 as one of the shorter stacks with 485,000 in chips 23rd of 30 remaining players.

"I just have to take it as it comes because I’m not comfortable with my chip stack yet," she said. "And I’m starting on the TV table and I hate that. I get really nervous. So that’s not good."

"It’s been really exciting and really scary."

It turned out to be quite okay though as she came out of the gate on fire, eliminating three opponents in the very first three hands of the day to soar up the leaderboard. She picked up pocket jacks against pocket tens,
aces against king-ten, and jacks versus queen-jack — all three hands all-in preflop.

She has lost some hands since, but is still battling as the field narrows towards the final table, and still with many top pros still in the field. Asked whether we can expect to see her playing in more live events after this one, Widvey wasn’t quite ready to commit.

"I don’t know yet, we’ll see. He is the poker player in our house, really."

Her boyfriend may be the "real" poker player of the couple, but Widvey has shown that she isn’t too far out of place playing with the best in the world here at EPT Monte Carlo.

Widvey’s run unfortunately came to an end in 23rd place after losing some tough hands and getting the rest of her stack in blind vs. blind with ace-six against Manig Loeser‘s king-queen which made a pair of queens. Not a bad return on investment for the Norwegian, who turned €55 into €27,680.

Keep following the as coverage is brought to you from the tournament floor of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event and you can watch the PokerStars live stream here.


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  • The Norwegian small-stakes online player is holding her own with the pros in Monte Carlo.

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