Four Bank Over $80K in Foxwoods Chop

Four Bank Over $80K in Foxwoods Chop

A deal in Foxwoods paid off handsomely for four players.

Four players made a deal in the Foxwoods Poker Classic $600 Opening Event, which resulted in each player pocketing over $80,000 in prize money.

A further heads-up deal and subsequent play saw Ralph Macri top Kyle Merron for the trophy and the title, with Andrew Cooper and Matthew Sedgemen the other two players taking part in the initial chop. The players made it to the top of 1,823 entries.

It’s the 16th recorded live win for Macri, each one coming in a sub-$1,000 tournament in the Northeast. He’s now got a little over $900,000 in live cashes.

Place Player Prize
1 Ralph Macri $87,000*+
2 Kyle Merron $83,000*+
3 Andrew Cooper $97,253*
4 Matt Sedgeman $88,641*
5 Zach Bennardo $33,610
6 Ken Frey $24,647
7 Glen Thompson $18,672
8 Tarun Gulati $14,004
9 Je Wook Oh $11,760
10 Michael Bagdasarov $9,803

*reflects four-handed deal
+reflects heads-up deal

Over $933,000 was gathered from the piles of entries in the multi-flight event. Vinny Pahuja and Greg Himmelbrand were among those making the final 100 runners but falling short of the final table.

Final Table Action

An unscheduled Day 3 saw 10 players return to battle on Tuesday with Sedgeman holding the chip lead around 75 big blinds, according to the Foxwoods blog.

After Michael Bagdasarov busted, Je Wook Oh would go down in ninth. He ripped in the nut flush draw for over the pot, and Tarun Gulati held on with an overpair of jacks. It’s yet another good result for Oh, who has thrived in Foxwoods in the past.

Gulati would then find another strong overpair in the hole, but his kings were trumped when Macri found aces and they got stacks in preflop. That gave Macri 60 big blinds and the chip lead with seven players remaining.

Merron found the {a-Spades}{9-Spades} in the big blind when small blind Glen Thompson set him in for 14 big blinds, and he flopped the nut flush to make it no sweat against {8-Spades}{5-Diamonds}. Thompson was left with under 10 bigs and busted in short order to Macri.

Merron followed by busting Ken Frey, and after Zach Bennardo went bust in fifth, deal talks commenced. An agreement was reached that left $20,000 on the table.

Macri and Merron were the shorter stacks but they’d outlast Cooper and Sedgeman. At that point, Macri and Merron made another deal with Merron adding $8,000 to his payout and Macri $12,000 plus the trophy.

Ralph Macri and Kyle Merron
Ralph Macri (L) and Kyle Merron showed off their deal-making skills twice.

Photo courtesy of Foxwoods Poker

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  • Deals all around at Foxwoods, with Ralph Macri taking the trophy after the second chop.

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