Jacquelyn Scott Going for the Kill in her First European Poker Tour Event

Jacquelyn Scott Going for the Kill in her First European Poker Tour Event

Jacquelyn Scott final tabled her first EPT event ever.

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  • Dream Day 2
  • Finding Poker
  • Déjà Vu

Jacquelyn Scott is not exactly what her opponents expect when they see her sitting at the poker table, and she’s quite okay with that. The 2015 has been able to capitalize on her image, and is having a blast in the process here at her first EPT event ever at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour festival.

“Being a woman, and being my age, you’re always going to be underestimated. That’s been a real advantage for me this tournament.”

There were some constants on Day 2 of the €1,100 French National Championship, among them, Jacquelyn Scott cracking jokes and stacking chips.

Her opponents will be sorely mistaken and may pay dearly – in chips – for their error if they think Scott is clueless, or weak, or afraid of them. Many a player learned this lesson on Day 2, as the jovial 70-year-old raked in big pots throughout the day, sending her fair share of opponents out the door in the process.

When the chips went into the bags, Scott was fifth of the remaining 16 players from a starting field of 1,425 getting ready to play for a top prize of €244,500 (~$272,706).

Dream Day 2

On Day 2 of the event, Scott made some big hands and played big pots with them.

“I like full doubles, just for the record. These guys can play their little patsy damn game; I want the double-up.” And double up she did, multiple times.

Among her big hands of the day were: kings over queens all-in preflop, queens versus nines all-in preflop, top set versus top two all-in on the flop, and top set versus top pair all-in on the flop.

"These guys can play their little patsy damn game; I want the double up.”

But she didn’t always have a monster. One opponent found out the hard way that Scott wouldn’t be pushed around, when he tried bluff-shoving with air and got looked up by top pair.

Scott got paid on some big hands, and her tablemates watched as she showed down with the best of it time and time again. And she didn’t do it quietly.

“Oh, I always have fun. Usually when I come to a poker tournament, and the guys don’t know me, they don’t know what to expect. And then when they see my sense of humor they go, ‘I really like you, you’re funny,’ and I go ‘thanks!’”

“Are you American?” an Italian table-mate asked.

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

Yes, she’s American – and she has a sense of humor.

Jacquelyn Scott
Jacquelyn Scott got many a double-up on Day 2.

Finding Poker

Originally from Michigan, Scott now lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where she got her start in poker.

“I started playing with a couple of guys in my office, and we’d go to the Hard Rock and I just got very intrigued by it and decided, I can do this… I got totally into it and then I took it very seriously. So I’ve always had to balance my career with poker, because my real estate business comes first.”

"My goal now is to try to make the final table.”

At the behest of a poker friend who encouraged her to travel somewhere she hadn’t been, Scott decided to head to Scotland to spend five days with an uncle in his nineties before stopping by another new place – Monaco – for a little poker to round out the trip. And she’s making the most out of it.

The real estate business owner is enjoying the opportunity she’s getting in Monte Carlo to focus solely on poker without having to jump up from the table to take calls or negotiate transactions as she typically does while playing in South Florida. The extra focus is yet another advantage Scott has found in the French National Championship event.

“It’s really allowed me to play my A-game this tournament.”

Déjà Vu

After bagging for the day and heading into the finale, Scott was feeling a sense of déjà vu in her first EPT event.

“This really keeps me going… I remember in the Ladies Event, at the final table having four big blinds, and I shoved with pocket threes and they held up. Then I went on a run that was crazy and ended up taking it down! It was really funny. So I’m never worried about my stack.”

She’ll be hoping to put that confidence and experience to work today as play winds down to the final table.

"Usually when I come to a poker tournament, and the guys don’t know me, they don’t know what to expect."

“I’m happy to come play an EPT tournament for the first time and be able to chip up. My goal now is to try to make the final table.”

No matter the result, Scott is proud of what she’s been able to do in the event, and she’s clearly enjoying it. A final table and of course, a win, would be the icing on the cake.

"After winning a bracelet in the women’s tournament, to take this open tournament down in a mixed tournament at the EPT, that would be really awesome. It’s kind of like, once you win a bracelet, you want to win a second one, or you want to win an open bracelet. So I guess that’s kind of why mentally I’ve been really focused on this tournament and really playing my A-game. And the cards have cooperated and I haven’t really made a lot of mistakes."

Scott has now reached her final table goal, looking to close it out. Follow the action as it unfolds at the .


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  • Jacquelyn Scott: "These guys can play their little patsy damn game; I want the double up.”

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