Jeff Gross Joins partypoker as the Team Online Roster Grows

Jeff Gross Joins partypoker as the Team Online Roster Grows

Jeff Gross is the latest pro to sign on with partypoker Team Online.

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  • Jeff Gross Heads to partypoker
  • Steven Kok & Monika Zukowicz Also Join
  • Who’s Next?

We’ve already seen many poker streamers joining up with Team as members of their newly formed Team Online. That list continues to grow with the addition of Jeff Gross, which comes just one month after he announced the end of his two-year representation of PokerStars.

Also patching on as internet partypoker pros are Steven Kok and Monika Zukowicz.

Jeff Gross Heads to partypoker

It seemed only a matter of time before Gross would patch up in orange once his deal with PokerStars came to an end. The charismatic "Professional Best Friend" has over 56,000 followers on his Twitch PokerFlowShow where he’s been streaming for a few years and regularly posts other poker and life content via his YouTube channel that has over 25,000 subscribers.

Gross has also been heavily involved in the recent , a project he has embarked on along with the channel’s owner Bill Perkins and fellow streamer and former PokerStars pro Jaime Staples.

When the outfit sought out an online poker site to sponsor the stream and the 10 selected hosts, it was partypoker that signed on, perhaps hinting at Gross’ own impending sponsorship announcement. No one will be surprised if Staples also comes aboard, especially after his brother, Matt Staples, was the first official member of partypoker’s stream team.

Last Friday, Gross announced his new affiliation via Twitter:

Steven Kok & Monika Zukowicz Also Join

Also signing onto Team Online following our last update are Steven Kok and Monika Zukowicz.

At 20 years old, Kok has been streaming online poker on Twitch since he turned 18 and has been on the steady grind since, playing small-stakes MTTs. Now a VIP ambassador for RaiseYourEdge coaching site, the Dutch poker pro can be found streaming his poker games and sharing knowledge on his channel, DWstevie.

A parmaceutical student who found poker during her studies, Monika "HeyMonia" Zukowicz has made a name for herself as an entertaining poker personality in recent years. The native of Poland is a regular at the Eastern European Cash Game Festival events and has booked live cashes in seven different countries.

The 27-year-old Zukowicz streams tournaments and cash games from Malta, where she is working on establishing herself in 400 NL cash and looking for her first five-figure tournament score, according to the partypoker blog.

Monika Zukowicz
Monika Zukowicz playing at the WSOP.

Who’s Next?

While PokerStars appears to be moving away from a Twitch-focused ambassador strategy, partypoker is going all-in on it. Among the 10 members of Team Online already announced, many are entering into their first major sponsorship deal. Others, like Gross and Alan Widmann, who previously served as a Unibet Open ambassador, have made the switch to partypoker soon after announcing their splits with previous ties.

The question of who’s next lingers, but look out for potentials who have suddenly becoming freed up for sponsorship, like say for example, , Jaime Staples, or Daiva Byrne.

The Stars Group owns a majority shareholding in iBus Media.

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  • Twitch streamer and content creator Jeff Gross has exchanged the red spade for the orange diamond.

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