Play the Red Lion Slot and Win up to 9% More – Guaranteed!

Play the Red Lion Slot and Win up to 9% More – Guaranteed!

La Fiesta Casino Bonus Slot

  • The Chinese New Year starts on Tuesday, February 5
  • To celebrate the event, La Fiesta Casino will pay you up to 9% more on the Red Lion Slot
  • The promotion ends on February 25 – so hurry up to get your lion’s share!

There are only a few days left until the start of the Chinese New Year.

On this occasion, La Fiesta Casino decided to treat their players with an unusual, yet very fun promotion.

It sounds like this:

All you need to do is play the the Red Lion Slot from January 25 to February 25 – and the Casino will give you at least six percent extra on all your winnings.

So, when playing the Red Lion Slot machine, you’ll get:

  • 6% extra on everything you win between 0 and 100 spins
  • 8% extra on the wins between 100 and 200 spins
  • 9% extra on all the wins between 200 and 300 spins

The best thing is that you don’t need to complete a few hundred spins in one sitting.

Because, when you close the game, your spin count will be saved automatically. Which means that the next time you open the Slot, you won’t have to start the spin count all over again.

You’ll receive the bonus winnings every 100 spins. In other words, to get your six percent extra, you have to spin the reels of Red Lion at least 100 times.

However, with an amusing game like this, it’s not a problem at all.

Join the fiesta!

Some fun facts about the lucky Chinese numbers.

  • Number 6 is pronounced like liú, which sounds like smooth in Mandarin Chinese. In Cantonese it sounds even better – it’s pronounced just like happiness!
  • Number 8 is the number for the Chinese – it’s considered to be the luckiest one. You pronounce it as fa, which also means good fortune. That’s why there are so many Asian Slots with the word fa in the title!
  • Number 9 is pronounced as jiǔ, a.k.a. long lasting. This might be the reason this number is popular at weddings.

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  • Want to get up to 9% more on ALL of your wins? Do this at La Fiesta Casino!

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