LAPC Side Event Round-Up: Rainer Kempe Wins $25K

LAPC Side Event Round-Up: Rainer Kempe Wins $25K

Rainer Kempe won the first $25K High Roller at this year

Table Of Contents

  • $25K High Roller
  • $2,140 Six-Max
  • $5,250 Eight-Max
  • $2,140 No-Limit Hold’em
  • $2,140 2-7 Single Draw
  • $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
  • $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em
  • $1,100 Omaha/Stud Hi-Lo Mix
  • $1,100 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em
  • $350 Great Wall of Chips
  • $500,000 Kickoff Event

The World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic $10,000 Main Event is down to the last 35 players, with David "ODB" Baker showcasing his no-limit chops to bag the chip lead after three days of play.

Copious live updates from the Main Event are available from the WPT, but there’s also plenty of other action going on at Commerce Casino.

With that in mind, PokerNews sifted through the Commerce Poker Blog to highlight some of the results from the various side events in one of poker’s biggest tournament festivals, starting with the biggest buy-in event on the schedule.

$25K High Roller

The first of two $25K high roller events on the LAPC schedule ended with a familiar name at the top of the payouts: Rainer Kempe. The German has been on quite a tear recently with three wins and two fourth-place finishes, all worth six-figure prizes, and he added to that with a win in this $25,000 High Roller for $270,905 in a small field of 27 entries. Ali Imsirovic, Jeremy Ausmus and Josh Gordon also cashed.

Place Player Prize
1 Rainer Kempe $270,905
2 Josh Gordon $180,600
3 Jeremy Ausmus $127,320
4 Ali Imsirovic $96,040

$2,140 Six-Max

Another name familiar to poker fans conquered the $2,140 Six-Max: Cliff Josephy. "JohnnyBax" has a couple of bracelets and a few other major live final tables, but he grabbed his first Remington trophy by topping a field of 152 in the short-handed event.

Place Player Prize
1 Cliff Josephy $74,110
2 Matthew Zarcadoolas $49,210
3 Bruno Furth $33,500
4 Elia Ahmadian $23,380
5 Ajay Chabra $16,740
6 Dennis Stevermer $12,300

$5,250 Eight-Max

Eighty-seven players entered the $5,280 Eight-Max event, and two recognizable pros wound up chopping after overcoming a tough final table. Both Anthony Spinella and Andrew Lichtenberger took home six-figure scores separated by less than $3,000, with Spinella named official champion after banking $108,005. Jeremy Ausmus, Anton Morgenstern and Kristen Bicknell also made the final table.

Place Player Prize
1 Anthony Spinella $108,005*
2 Andrew Lichtenberger $105,550*
3 Jeremy Ausmus $57,920
4 Larry Greenberg $40,730
5 Aaron Duczak $29,760
6 Anton Morgenstern $22,620
7 Kristen Bicknell $17,920
8 Joseph Cappello $14,820

*reflects heads-up deal

$2,140 No-Limit Hold’em

Cord Garcia already had a big result earlier in the series when he made the final table of the LAPC $1 Million, finishing seventh for $41,220. He had a big chip stack in that one and fizzled out at the very end, but in the $2,140 No-Limit Hold’em, Garcia got his hands on a Remington after chopping with Dylan Linde for just under $50,000 apiece. Sorel Mizzi and Ari Engel also appeared at this final table.

Place Player Prize
1 Cord Garcia $49,050*
2 Dylan Linde $47,230*
3 Taylor Wilson $22,480
4 Sorel Mizzi $14,660
5 James Petzing $11,440
6 Anuj Agarwal $9,140
7 Ari Engel $7,770
8 Dennis Martin $6,750
9 Jared Griener $5,960

*reflects heads-up deal

$2,140 2-7 Single Draw

A small field of 27 fired in the $2,140 2-7 Single Draw tournament, and former online superstar Peter ‘#1PEN’ Neff came out atop the field for $21,615, besting Mike Noori heads up.

Place Player Prize
1 Peter Neff $21,615
2 Mike Noori $14,420
3 Brian Brubaker $10,160
4 Montgomery Markland $7,670

$1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Three players whacked the remaining monies in the $1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, topped by Dmitry Levin and his $20,000. Mihails Morozovs and Georgii Belianin look to have been separated by little to no chips as they got $14,780 apiece with the former picking up an extra $5 bill. "Miami" John Cernuto and Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler also made the final table.

Place Player Prize
1 Dmitry Levin $20,000*
2 Mihails Morozovs $14,785*
3 Georgii Belianin $14,780*
4 Samu Partanen $7,250
5 John Cernuto $5,260
6 Nickolai Lars $4,000
7 Benjamin Miner $3,180
8 Allen Kessler $2,660

*reflects three-way deal

$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em

In the $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em that featured a $100,000 guarantee, that number was eclipsed when 114 entered. Andrew Wisdom bested Michael Rocco heads up for a $33,470 prize, with former WSOP Main Event final tablist Michael Dyer joining them at the final table. It was Wisdom’s second Remington of the series.

Place Player Prize
1 Andrew Wisdom $33,470
2 Michael Rocco $20,700
3 Joshua Schiffman $12,360
4 Jeffrey Milman $7,940
5 Douglas Lada $6,010
6 Michael Dyer $4,990
7 Duey Duong $4,310
8 Kiran Raina $3,800
9 Christopher Usude $3,350

$1,100 Omaha/Stud Hi-Lo Mix

Seventy-three players entered the $1,100 Omaha/Stud Hi-Lo Mix, with a number of recognizable names making the final table. One of them, bracelet winner Frankie O’Dell, chopped for $17,000 but took second billing to Donald Halpern, who got $20,095. Ioro Yogo, Ari Engel, and Owais Ahmed also made the final table.

Place Player Prize
1 Donald Halpern $20,095*
2 Frankie O’Dell $17,000*
3 Iori Yogo $9,890
4 Hieu Ma $6,870
5 Ari Engel $4,990
6 Owais Ahmed $3,790
7 James Petzing $3,020
8 Carlos Rodriguez $2,520

$1,100 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em

A full 64-player bracket turned up for the $1,100 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em and Cody Bell navigated through to victory, overcoming Nick Phoenix in the final, Nick Grippo in the semi-final and Ari Engel in the round of eight.

Place Player Prize
1 Cody Bell $23,000
2 Nick Phoenix $13,000
3-4 Gary Blackwood $7,000
3-4 Nick Grippo $7,000
5-8 Ari Engel $3,500
5-8 Eric Cloutier $3,500
5-8 Daniel Rodriguez $3,500
5-8 Juan Aragon $3,500

$350 Great Wall of Chips

Cord Garcia made yet another deep run in the $350 Great Wall of Chips, which drew 1,719 entries and a prize pool north of $500,000. He would wind up fifth for $20,888, while Behzad Teranie and Vadim Baranovsky chopped for $71,000 and $57,776, respectively.

Place Player Prize
1 Behzad Teranie $71,000
2 Vadim Baranovsky $57,776
3 Budd Beamann $35,888
4 Chuanhao Zhang $26,888
5 Cord Garcia $20,888
6 Richard Lim $15,888
7 Brent Zechiel $11,888
8 Daniel Placencia $8,888

$500,000 Kickoff Event

The smallest buy-in event, the $120 Kickoff Event drew a monstrous 6,454 field over a slew of starting days to beat its $500K guarantee by about $100,000. That was also the promised first-place prize, and Christopher Haydt walked away with the big dough. Haydt also won a $350 Pot-Limit Omaha event later in the series.

Place Player Prize
1 Christopher Haydt $100,000
2 Teresa Hemingway $50,310
3 Corey Esposito $32,460
4 Lawrence Chang $25,650
5 Vanik Azar $21,350
6 Matthew Elsby $17,100
7 Hirotaka Fujita $13,600
8 Scott Manion $10,250

Photos courtesy of LAPC

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  • The WPT LAPC is nearing its end. Check out the results of some of the side events.

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