Less Than a Week to the MicroMillions Main Event, Are You Ready?

Less Than a Week to the MicroMillions Main Event, Are You Ready?

PokerStars MicroMillions

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  • MicroMillions 72: $11 NLHE Progressive KO Sunday Storm SE Final Table Results
  • MicroMillions 02: $5.50 NLHE Half Price Sunday Storm Final Table Results
  • Grab a $600 Welcome Bonus Today

The $1 million guaranteed MicroMillions Main Event is less than a week away and PokerStars players are busy getting some practice in for what could be potentially life-changing tournament by battling it out in the other plethora of MicroMillions tournaments.

MicroMillions is extremely popular thanks to it giving low-stakes players the opportunity to play for some massive (in relation to the buy-ins) prizes. There is something special about being able to buy into a tournament for a handful of dollars and walk away with a five-figure score. This will even be a six-figure prize for the champion of the MicroMillions Main Event.

The biggest, in terms of the prize pool at least, MicroMillions tournament of the current series took place on November 17, the MicroMillions 72: $11 NLHE Progressive KO Sunday Storm SE with its $250,000 guaranteed prize pool. A massive field of 26,645 created a $261,121 prize pool that was shared half among the top 4,436 finishers and 50% on the heads of each player.

Everyone at the final table won more than $1,500 for the $11 investment once bounties were taken into consideration. Two of the players even netted a five-figure prize, which is quite incredible for $11.

Russia’s “RUSLANFTW” was the player who emerged victoriously, banking $12,943 from the main prize pool and $5,527 worth of bounties. Part of those bounties used to belong to “Maxsimus-L” who scooped $9,287 for finishing second and $2,458 from the bounty prize pool. Amazingly, Maxsimus-L won their $11 seat in a $0.55 satellite and turned that into a combined prize worth $11,74 for a 21,356.7% ROI!

MicroMillions 72: $11 NLHE Progressive KO Sunday Storm SE Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize Bounties Total Prize
1 RUSLANFTW Russia $12,943 $5,527 $18,470
2 Maxsimus-L Ukraine $9,287 $2,458 $11,745
3 Frenchinnfa Russia $6,677 $1,599 $8,276
4 denischicago Russia $4,801 $383 $5,184
5 alexdaas Russia $3,452 $673 $4,125
6 Mikus again Latvia $2,482 $414 $2,842
7 arnekk Brazil $1,784 $924 $2,708
8 Leo Borgheti Brazil $1,283 $318 $1,601
9 Essa_mania United Kingdom $922 $863 $1,785

Earlier in MicroMillions 16, PokerStars slashed the already affordable buy-in of the $11 Sunday Storm to $5.50 and it proved popular as 50,286 players piled into the MicroMillions 02: $5.50 NLHE Half Price Sunday Storm.

Each of the top 13 finishers padded their bankrolls with at least $1,020 with the top three finishers guaranteed no less than $11,550. iI turned out the final trio secured even larger amounts as they struck a deal.

The deal was certainly beneficial to third-place finisher “Sharkey248” of the UK as they were paid $15,189 instead of the advertised $11,550. Second-place and $16,561 went to “dufcrab”, also of the UK, leaving Moldovan grinder “Lika117” to win the tournament and the now first-place prize of $19,260.

MicroMillions 02: $5.50 NLHE Half Price Sunday Storm Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Lika117 Moldova $19,260*
2 dufcrab United Kingdom $16,561*
3 Sharkey248 United Kingdom $15,189*
4 posadas666 Sweden $8,167
5 limalelis Brazil $5,775
6 fscheifer Brazil $4,083
7 Nescal7 Brazil $2,887
8 shenyiyang88 China $2,041
9 xmixmix Ireland $1,443

Dozens of MicroMillions events are still yet to crown their champions before the series ends on November 25th. Each of these events has the potential to award its champion a bumper prize. Two events, in particular, are capturing the imagination are the MicroMillions 01: $4.40 NLHE Phased event and, of course, the Main Event.

The $4.40 Phased event has $500,000 guaranteed to be won and has already accumulated $340,400 with a few dozen Phase 1s still to play. Players can enter as many Phase 1s as they wish until they manage to make it through to Day 2 on November 24th. All Day 2 players are in the money, so it literally pays to make it through.

With $1 million guaranteed, the MicroMillions Main Event is the tournament everyone wants to win. Having a seven-figure guarantee for a $22 buy-in is already great value, but only 4,453 players have bought in or won their seats in satellites and promotions, meaning only $89,040 has been collected so far.

We penned an article about the best ways to qualify for the MicroMillions Main Event, which you can read here, that we suggest you feast your eyes on if you fancy playing for a slice of at least $1 million.

Grab a $600 Welcome Bonus Today

You need, of course, a PokerStars account to play in the $1 million guaranteed MicroMillions Main Event. If you have one already, we wish you the best of luck in qualifying for this massive tournament. Those of you reading this without a PokerStars account can download PokerStars via PokerNews, enter the marketing code “PNEWS” when creating your account and when you make your first deposit, PokerStars matches it 100% up to $600. Good luck!


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  • The $1 million gtd. MicroMillions Main Event is less than a week away. Have you won your seat yet?

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