New Record: Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is Close to €20,000,000

New Record: Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is Close to €20,000,000

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  • Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot is the biggest progressive jackpot online
  • Currently, it beat its own record (€18,9M)
  • The jackpot is close to €20M and continues to grow – you can win it any time now

It’s been almost 17 weeks since Mega Moolah Mega progressive jackpot was last won. For a jackpot that pops every nine weeks on average – it’s long overdue.

But those were very generous weeks for Microgaming’s favorite jackpot Slot. It’s already passed its record sum – €18,915,721 – and continues to grow.

We can hear the news about the lucky winner any day (or hour) now. And we sure hope it’s going to be one of PokerNews Casino readers (or writers).

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All You Need to Know About Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot Slot game, developed by Microgaming in 2016.

Considering online gambling exists for less than 30 years, 2006 is like the middle ages for nowadays gaming. And there are not many Slots from that era still active or popular.

Except for Mega Moolah, of course.

It is a Savannah-themed Slot game with five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines.

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The Slot is famous for the biggest progressive jackpots online and it doesn’t disappoint. Its Mega jackpot seeds at €1,000,000 and is known to reach at least around €5M on average.

But the latest win was more than triple that – close to €19M, a record for online gambling.

And the current jackpot has already passed the €19M mark, making the next win a new record!

How to Qualify for the Jackpot?

The rules to qualify for the jackpot are simple. First, you need to play Mega Moolah Slot for real money. Duh. No one will pay out a multi-million jackpot to someone playing in a demo mode.

Of course, for that you need to play the Slot at a Casino you trust, for example, JackpotCity. Funny enough, even their name hints to jackpots.

Then you need to bet as much as you can per spin.

It’s a common rule in many jackpot Slots, not only Mega Moolah: the higher is your bet, the greater chance you have to hit the progressive jackpot.

The max amount per spin in Mega Moolah is 6.25.

It may take a few spins to win a jackpot, it may take a dozen or more. It’s a game of chance – you can never know. Make sure you have efficient bankroll before you start playing the game.

With any spin then, you can randomly trigger a bonus round. Then, you spin a wheel and see which jackpot you win:

  • Mega Progressive Jackpot – seeds at 1,000,000 (currently close to €20M)
  • Major Progressive Jackpot – seeds at 10,000 (currently close to €20K)
  • Minor Progressive Jackpot – seeds at 100
  • Mini Progressive Jackpot – seeds at 10

And that would be pretty much it.

It’s probably a good idea not to contact PokerNews Casino team this week as everyone will be playing Mega Moolah at JackpotCity Casino. You can join us, too.

Good luck!

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  • Play Mega Moolah for a chance to win more than €19 million!

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