Off the Felt: Baby Girl for Natalie Hof and Felipe Mojave

Off the Felt: Baby Girl for Natalie Hof and Felipe Mojave

Off the Felt: Baby Girl for Natalie Hof and Felipe Mojave

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In the previous edition of , we had a throwback by Barry Greenstein, a pretty sick tattoo and some other fun gems.

This week, we have a baby girl for Natalie Hof and Felipe Ramos, reporters on the run and some thoughts about buying and selling action in poker.

Twitter Updates

Big news from Natalie Hof and Felipe "Mojave":

Thoughts from Jason Koon on a poker player union:

Who gets No. 16 first?

Mathijs Jonkers wants to discuss payout-structures:

Reminder to look out for one another at the poker table:

Some help from Allen Kessler:

Ryan Laplante shared his thoughts about selling and buying action in poker:

Jamie Kerstetter took the mic at Run It Up Reno:

Instagram Updates

Risky move by Matas Cimbolas:

Bathroom selfie with Justin Bonomo:

When you lose a bet…

Aaron Massey in the gym:

Charlie Carrel boxing:

Our reporters Yori Epskamp and Milko van Winden competed in the Hilversum City Run and their results were impressive:

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Still can’t believe I actually did this. I decided to get a bit more healthy at the start of the year and @kalegozer challenged me to run a 5k within 30 minutes. I decided to take on the challenge and after eight years of sitting still I started running. I was shocked by the shape I was in and a little ashamed as well. I felt that I needed a bit of extra motivation so I made two bets for charity. I started training more but my right leg started to hurt a lot 2 weeks before the race. I sat still for 1,5 week, did a bike ride and a 7,5k walk in the last week and I felt far from ready. Sunday, April 14, was the day of the race and I honestly never expected that I could make it within 30 minutes. I ended up finishing after 29 minutes and 4 seconds. Our mind is strong and the only thing I can say is that if you want to do something, just do it. Go for it. It’s no gift and hard work for sure, but the reward is priceless.

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  • Babies, unions, payout structures and action selling: the week in poker Twitter.

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