Play in $30,000 Worth of Freerolls Every Month at Natural8

Play in $30,000 Worth of Freerolls Every Month at Natural8


Poker players love receiving free things especially when those free things are freeroll entries where a combined $30,000 is guaranteed to be won. You can play in $30,000 worth of freerolls every month at Natural8 thanks to the $10K Invitational Freeroll promotion.

Qualifying for the $10K Invitational Freeroll promotion at Natural8

Natural8 runs three $10,000 freerolls on the second, third and fourth Sunday of every month. These freerolls are invite-only and the only way to receive an invitation is to earn the required number of tournament points for each week.

Week Require points Freeroll
2nd 2,500 $10,000
3rd 15,000 $10,000
4th 50,000 $10,000

Tournament points are earned by playing the multi-table tournaments hosted on Natural8. If you bust before the money places of a tournament, you receive one leaderboard point for every $1 used to buy into the tournament.

Navigating your way into the money places yields even more points as the following formula is used:

Buy-in amount * (total entrants / players place of finish)

For example, say you play in a $100 buy-in tournament that has 200 entrants and you finish in fifth-place. You would not only win some money from the tournament, but you’d also receive a whopping 4,000 points. This system rewards winning players rather than just high volume grinders.

$100,000 Tournament Leaderboard

Earning tournament points to qualify for the $10,000 Invitational Freerolls will also earn you points for the $100,000 monthly tournament leaderboard. Points for this leaderboard are earned at the same rate as we have previously mentioned and the top 100 points earners during a calendar money win a share of $100,180 worth of tournament dollars according to the following breakdown.

Place Prize
1 T$10,000
2 T$7,500
3 T$5,500
4 T$4,500
5 T$4,000
6 T$3,500
7 T$3,000
8 T$2,500
9 T$2,000
10 T$1,500
11 T$1,300
12 T$1,200
13 T$1,100
14 T$1,000
15 T$950
16 T$900
17 T$850
18 T$800
19 T$760
20 T$720
21-30 T$680
31-40 T$650
41-50 T$620
51-60 T$590
61-70 T$560
71-80 T$540
81-90 T$520
91-100 T$500

$1,688 First Deposit Bonus

New players making their first deposit at Natural8 are entitled to a huge bonus worth up to $1,688. Download Natural8 via PokerNews, create your free account, and then make your first deposit at the site.

How much you deposit, up to $1,688, is matched 100% in the form of a bonus. This bonus, which has no expiry date, is released into your account in $10 increments each time you generate $50 worth of rake.

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  • Natural8 players compete in $30,000 worth of freerolls and share more than $100K in tournament dollars every month.

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