Denisov Still in Control After PokerStars EPT Sochi Main Event Day 2

Denisov Still in Control After PokerStars EPT Sochi Main Event Day 2

Aleksandr Denisov

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  • PokerStars EPT Sochi Main Event Top 5 After Day 2
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Of the 305 players who started the day, 100 were still standing at the end of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Sochi Main Event Day 2. It was Aleksandr Denisov (lead photo), overall chip leader coming into the day, who fought off the competition to bag biggest once again. Though he lost his lead during the day, he chipped up well in the run-up to the bubble and was the only player to make it to seven figures; finishing on 1,017,000 in chips.

Hot on his heels are Mikhail Aleksandrov (942,000), Vadim Baranov (865,000), Dmitry Yurasov (658,000) and Aleksandr Sheshukov (657,000), who make up the remaining top five finishers.

PokerStars EPT Sochi Main Event Top 5 After Day 2

Position Player Country Chip Count
1 Aleksandr Denisov Russia 1,017,000
2 Mikhail Aleksandrov Russia 942,000
3 Vadim Baranov Russia 865,000
4 Dmitry Yurasov Russia 658,000
5 Aleksandr Sheshukov Russia 657,000

There are also many experienced players still in the field. Sergey Chantsev (645,000), Maksim Pisarenko (547,000), Ezequiel Waigel (519,000), Viktor Ustimov (505,000) are all chipped up. Anatolii Zyrin (294,000), Matous Houzvicek (276,000) are also still in the running, as well as reigning Champion Arseniy Karmatskiy (78,000).

Klaus Haunschmidt
Klaus Haunschmidt the bubble

Near the end of Level 15, it was Klaus Haunschmidt who finished as the unfortunate bubble boy. He was down to the wire when he decided to get it in with pocket-nines, and despite having the best hand versus two opponents, his hand was no good by the river. A special mention goes to Artur Martirosyan for managing to survive with just one chip. Though he failed to spin up once the money was reached, he did take home the min cash of ₽364,000 (~$5,600).

There were many notables who failed to progress to Day 3. Team PokerStars Pro Online Mikhail Shalamov managed to survive the bubble despite being one of the shortest stacks in the field but exited shortly after. In the final hand of the night, Shalamov got the last of his chips in with ace-jack but found he was up against Denisov’s ace-queen. The chip leader held, and Shalamov took home a min-cash for his efforts.

Mikhail Shalamov
Mikhail "innerpsy" Shalamov out in the last hand of the night

Team PokerStars Pro and PSPC Champion Ramon Colillas also crashed out after losing a flip with pocket eights against Mark Zhang’s ace-queen suited.

Some of the other notable casualties included Leonid Bilokur, Konstantin Puchkov, Maksim Panyak, Kiryl Radzivonau, Gor Kazaryan, Wenling Gao, Yaniv Peretz, Yang Wang, Yury Masliankou, Jia Tang, Vitaliy Avanesyan, Vladimir Drokin, Aram Sargsyan, and Tomas Fionn Macnamara.

On Day 3 of the EPT Sochi Main Event, the 100 remaining players will return at midday to Casino Sochi, where they will continue their campaign to take home the title, the trophy, and the all-important ₽27,475,000 ($426,606) top prize.

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PokerStars EPT Sochi Main Event Payout

Position Payout (CSU) Payout (RUB) Payout (~USD)
1 392,500 27,475,000 ₽ $426,606
2 239,100 16,737,000 ₽ $267,792
3 169,500 11,865,000 ₽ $189,840
4 127,900 8,953,000 ₽ $143,248
5 101,300 7,091,000 ₽ $113,456
6 77,000 5,390,000 ₽ $86,240
7 55,000 3,850,000 ₽ $61,600
8 37,500 2,625,000 ₽ $42,000
9 29,711 2,079,770 ₽ $33,276
10-11 24,300 1,701,000 ₽ $27,216
12-13 21,700 1,519,000 ₽ $24,304
14-15 19,600 1,372,000 ₽ $21,952
16-17 17,500 1,225,000 ₽ $19,600
18-20 15,400 1,078,000 ₽ $17,248
21-23 13,300 931,000 ₽ $14,896
24-27 11,225 785,750 ₽ $12,572
28-31 9,675 677,250 ₽ $10,836
32-39 8,500 595,000 ₽ $9,520
40-55 7,485 523,950 ₽ $8,383
56-71 6,550 458,500 ₽ $7,336
72-95 5,725 400,750 ₽ $6,412
96-111 5,200 364,000 ₽ $5,824

* Note: CSU stands for Casino Sochi Unit and is equal to 70 RUB

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  • 100 players remain in the PokerStars EPT Sochi Main Event.

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