Reward Yourself with Big Hands at Jackpot Tables at 888poker

Reward Yourself with Big Hands at Jackpot Tables at 888poker


The problem with getting premium hands is that it is often hard to get value out of them. You just have to hope they caught a good hand themselves as often when you bet, your opponent will fold.

Our friends at 888poker understand this issue and will award you extra at specially designated Jackpot tables. These tables allow you to not only hit big for nailing a royal flush but also pad your bankroll with a little extra for quads and any other straight flush as well.

888poker Jackpot Table Details

Jackpot tables can easily be found in the hold’em lobby in the 888poker client listed with the letter "J" at stakes ranging from $0.50/$1 to $2/$4.

Now is a good time to play these tables since the jackpot has grown to more than $14,000. You can win the entire jackpot by hitting a royal flush in spades while using both your hole cards. The hand must also go to showdown.

A royal flush in another suit following the same conditions will also award you handsomely with 10 percent of the jackpot or $1,400 as it currently stands. If you wind up instead with a straight flush, you will walk away with two percent of the jackpot and quads will award 0.05 percent of the jackpot.

This extra value should make it worth playing these tables if you enjoy playing no-limit hold’em cash at the stakes mentioned.

Hand Percent of Jackpot
Spade Royal Flush 100%
All Other Royal Flushes 10%
Straight Flush 2%
Four of a Kind 0.05%

As a helpful tip, if you get one of these hands, be sure not to lead out with any betting as it must go to showdown for you to collect the prize. The value in these hands isn’t in the pot themselves but in the jackpot, so you have to be sure to keep your opponent around in the hand.


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  • You can win the jackpot which currently stands at more than $14,000 with a royal flush in spades.

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