Saul Berdugo Victorious in WPTDeepStacks Deauville to Tune of $111,141

Saul Berdugo Victorious in WPTDeepStacks Deauville to Tune of $111,141

Saul Berdugo

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The WPTDeepstacks wrapped up its latest international stop with their €1,100 Main Event at Casino Barriere de Deauville. The WPTDeepstacks Deauville Main Event drew 474 runners (363 unique + 111 re-entries), which created a €500,544 ($567,665) prize pool, and after three days of play, it was France’s Saul Berdugo who came out on top to win a €98,000 ($111,141) first-place prize.

Prior to the win, Berdugo has just a single tournament cash on his poker resume — $1,208 for finishing 12th in the 2018 Pasino Poker Series €330 NLH.

Other winners at the festival included Victor Goisset, who topped a field of 148 entries to win Event #1: €400 NLH Opener 8-Max for €12,090 ($13,711), and Thierry Luksenberg, who bested a 98-entry field to take down the €2,000 High Roller for €47,434 ($53,997).

2018 WPTDeepStacks Deauville Final Table Results

Position Player Prize in € Prize in USD
1 Saul Berdugo €98,000 $111,141
2 Abdelhamid El Khayati €63,595 $72,122
3 Joris Mahe €47,090 $53,404
4 Rabah Abdelmalek €35,435 $40,186
5 Clemente Carreira €26,695 $30,274
6 Abdelakim Laidouni €19,355 $21,950
7 Mohamed Mamouni €14,504 $16,448
8 Jean Albertini €11,800 $13,382
9 Romain Hamouche €10,200 $11,567

Among those to finish in the top 63 and cash were David Dana (15th – $5,863), Jan Boubli (25th – $3,487), Bruno Fitoussi (33rd – $2,982), Michel Betting (48th – $2,665), Morgan Lecam (57th – $2,143), and Gilles Huet (63rd – $2,143).

According to updates from the event, Berdugo began Day 3 with a big chip lead over the returning 16 players.

“I only lost the chip lead for five minutes, I never felt in danger,” he told WPT officials after the win.

Final Table Action

Roman Hamouche was the first to fall from the final table, and it happened after his ace-eight was outdrawn by Berdugo’s king-jack all in preflop. Berudo then used ace-jack to bust Mohamed Mamouni, who held ace-ten, in seventh place for €14,504 ($16,448).

Berdugo’s next elimination came with three players remaining and on a {9-Clubs}{9-Spades}{8-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} board. Joris Mahe moved all in holding the {7-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} and was called by Berdugo, who was out in front with the {k-Clubs}{9-Hearts}. The {J-Spades} river was of no consequence and Mahe had to settle for third place.

In the final hand of the tournament, there was around 1 million in the pot and a flop of {5-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{8-Clubs} when Berdugo checked and Abdelhamid El Khayati bet 700,000. Berdugo responded by check-raising all in and El Khayati called off holding the {4-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}, which was behind Berdugo’s {k-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}.

The {10-Hearts} turn left El Khayati looking to complete his straight draw, but that didn’t happen as the {7-Diamonds} bricked the river.

The WPTDeepStacks will host its next stop January 11-14 in Berlin, Germany.

Photo courtesy of WPT

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  • Saul Berdugo bested a 474-entry field to win WPTDeepstacks Deauville for $111,141.

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