Sunday Briefing: $155K Score for “vem kikando” in partypoker MILLION

Sunday Briefing: $155K Score for “vem kikando” in partypoker MILLION

partypoker MILLION

Table Of Contents

  • partypoker MILLION at partypoker
  • Sunday Big Game at partypoker
  • $109 Sunday Million at PokerStars
  • $530 Bounty Builder High Roller at PokerStars
  • PKO Series #22 – $100,000 Gtd Warm Up at 888poker
  • $200,000 Dragon at 888poker
  • High Rollers $500 at Natural8
  • High Rollers $250 at Natural8

November 17th saw dozens of massive tournaments take place online and several of those ended in deals, including the partypoker MILLION and the PokerStars Sunday Million. Let’s see who the biggest winners were.

partypoker MILLION at partypoker

Date November 17th
Buy-in $215
Guarantee $1,000,000
Entrants 4,472
Prize pool $1,000,000
ITM 600

The partypoker MILLION ended in a three-way deal that included Team Online’s Travis “DramaticDegen” Darroch. A field of 4,472 left a substantial overlay for partypoker, but the 600 players who reached the money places didn’t care as they banked some additional value.

All but one of the final table won at least a five-figure score, “SicutiPegoraro” collecting $9,490 for their eighth place exit. The first of those five-figures went to “lkjhfdswnv” who scooped $14,710 after falling in seventh.

They were joined on the rail by “Nicolasmajda” and “eddyrock” who walked away with $20,890 and $30,750 respectively. Leonardo “ingracia_dinha” Boff busted in fourth place for $44,740 and his exit resulted in the final three players striking a deal to end the tournament.

Third-place went to Darroch who collected $106,308, an incredible sum considering he won his place in the $1 million guaranteed event from a $22 satellite. Second place and $107,915 went to “theteachery” leaving “vem kikando” to secure the $114,876 first-place prize.

Place Player Prize
1 vem kikando $114,876*
2 theteachery $107,915*
3 Travis “DramaticDegen” Darroch $106,308*
4 Leonardo “Ingracia_dinha” Boff $44,740
5 eddyrock $30,750
6 Nicolasmajda888 $20,890
7 lkjhfdswnv $14,710
8 SicutiPegoraro $9,490

*reflects a three-way deal

Sunday Big Game at partypoker

Date November 17th
Buy-in $5,200
Guarantee $300,000
Entrants 84
Prize pool $420,000
ITM 12

The $5,200 Big Game ran again this week and the $300,000 guarantee was smashed when 84 players bought in and created a $420,000 prize pool.

“Moneymonk2” reached the eight-handed final table but their appearance was short-lived as they busted in eighth for $14,700. “sims_or_sins…” , a partypoker regular, fell in seventh for $17,850 and gained some company on the sidelines in the shape of “Bluemagic1” whose sixth-place finish yielded $22,050.

Swedish superstar Johannes “Greenstone25” Korsar collected $29,400 after seeing his tournament ended in fifth before “Player123560423” ran out of steam and crashed out in fourth place for a $37,800 addition to their bankroll.

$54,600 was awarded to “Tigerbluff” before the last pair of players struck a deal for the remaining prize pool. This deal resulted in “TopGirl” finishing second for $89,356 with the champion being “gastrader” who collected $99,643.

Place Player Prize
1 gastrader $99,643*
2 TopGirl $89,356*
3 Tigerbluff $54,600
4 Player123560423 $37,800
5 Johannes “Greenstone25” Korsar $29,400
6 Bluemagic1 $22,050
7 sims_or_sins… $17,850
8 moneymonk2 $14,700

*reflects a heads-up deal

$109 Sunday Million at PokerStars

Date November 17th
Buy-in $109
Guarantee $1,000,000
Entrants 10,348
Prize pool $1,034,800
ITM 1,826

The top four players chopped this weekend’s Sunday Million at PokerStars and won a combined $281,798.

Belarus’ “kosikO” was the last player standing and hos victory was worth an impressive $79,345. He defeated Brazilian “GOIANOVERDE” heads-up to secure the title, although he collected $80,758 as part of the deal.

Third place went to Lithuania’s “fornado”, a finish worth $65,809 with fourth place and $55,886 going to Yordan “YordanPetrov” Petrov.

Earlier at the final table, the United Kingdom’s Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves was the ninth-place finisher for $7,718, the last player not to add five-figures to their PokerStars account.

“YOLOBETS” and “AdrianS_2506” were the next casualties and they padded their lifetime winnings with $10,735 and $14,930. Another British player in the shape of “IAMtheSELF” crashed and burned in sixth for $20,765 and was joined at the virtual payout desk by “iBreakU_U” of Russia whose fifth-place finish saw their $215 investment swell to $28,880.

Place Player Country Prize
1 kosilkO Belarus $79,345*
2 GOIANOVERDE Brazil $80,758*
3 fornado Lithuania $65,809*
4 Yordan “YordanPetrov” Petrov Hungary $55,886*
5 iBreakU_U Russia $28,880
6 IAMtheSELF United Kingdom $20,765
7 AdrianS_2506 Germany $14,930
8 YOLOBETS Morocco $10,735
9 Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves United Kingdom $7,718

*reflects a four-way deal

$530 Bounty Builder High Roller at PokerStars

Date November 17th
Buy-in $530
Guarantee $350,000
Entrants 1,023
Prize pool $511,500
ITM 134
Place Player Country Prize Bounties Total Prize
1 Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman Canada $41,614 $41,431 $83,045
2 Tvieira1979 Brazil $30,502 $9,398 $39,900
3 smir9david Germany $22,358 $8,625 $30,983
4 MITS 304 Cyprus $16,388 $4,283 $20,671
5 GamadGADOL Malta $12,012 $765 $12,777
6 silskyer Netherlands $8,805 $1,640 $10,445
7 bar-bar9999 Netherlands $6,454 $4,628 $11,082
8 Diogenesz Hungary $4,731 $1,625 $6,356
9 Isurox Sri Lanka $3,467 $1,000 $4,467

The $530 Bounty Builder High Roller saw 1,023 players buy in and they were all outlasted by Canada-based Australian Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman. Wakeman, a very accomplished player already with nearly $1.3M in lifetime winnings now has an additional $83,045 to boast about.

Wakeman defeated “Tvieira1979” of Brazil heads-up and the Brazilian had to console themselves with a $39,900 runner-up prize, including bounty payments.

Sri Lanka’s “Isurox” has been enjoying plenty of success recently and continued his impressive form with a ninth-place finish here worth a combined $4,467. Hungary’s “Diogenesz” busted in eighth-place for $6,356 before “bar-bar9999” from the Netherlands scooped $11,082.

Another Dutch player in “silskyer” was the sixth-place finisher and they won $10,445 with “GamadGADOL” from Malta exited in fifth and added $12,777 to their bankroll.

“MITS 304” hails from Cyprus and frequently finds themself in the latter stages of major events. This tournament ended in fourth for a $20,671 combined prize. Lastly, the penultimate bust out was that of Germany’s “smir9david” who banked $30,983.


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PKO Series #22 – $100,000 Gtd Warm Up at 888poker

Date November 17th
Buy-in $109
Guarantee $100,000
Entrants 1,261
Prize pool $126,100
ITM 126

888poker saw some big prizes too including the PKO Series #22 – $100,000 Gtd Warm Up. A field of 1,261 players created a $126,100 prize pool shared half among the top 126 finishers and half on the heads of each player.

The tournament was won by Argentina’s “W.Klix” who collected $17,306 and the title of champion. The Argentinian defeated Ronni “windiswild” Borg of Denmark who scooped the $9,187 consolation prize.

Everyone at the final table won at least $1,168 although only the winner netted five-figures. Shout outs to “GramNaKartke”, “dmnln”, “IgiBertoldi”, “Suic1deKing”, “bazzzarov”, “MFLYG” and “ruslanftw” who made up the final table, the latter walking away with $7,605.

Place Player Country Prize Bounties Total prize
1 W.Klix Argentina $11,349 $5,957 $17,306
2 Ronni “windiswild” Borg Denmark $8,196 $991 $9,187
3 ruslanftw Russia $6,115 $1,490 $7,605
4 MFLYG Malta $4,571 $2,188 $6,759
5 bazzzarov Russia $3,177 $2,930 $6,107
6 Suic1deKing Russia $2,522 $765 $3,287
7 IgiBertoldi Brazil $1,891 $1,142 $3,033
8 dmnln Malta $1,261 $601 $1,862
9 GramNaKartke   $756 $412 $1,168

$200,000 Dragon at 888poker

Date November 17th
Buy-in $1,050
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 190
Prize pool $200,000
ITM 18

One of the newer tournaments at 888poker is the $200,000 Dragon and it was Argentina’s “lasochobi” who slew it. First place saw $46,000 added to the champion’s account. They defeated Russian star “sweet_dr34ms” heads-up to resign the runner-up to a $32,000 prize.

Another Russian, “M9yMy9so” fell in third-place for $24,300, one place ahead of “kiskutya23” who is now $18,00 richer. Also at the final table was 888poker ambassador Dominik “Dominik888” Nitsche. Nitsche fell in sixth-place and turned his $109 into $10,000.

Everyone at the nine-handed final table won at least $5,000. This sum went to “PridvorD” before “Nudinen of the UK helped themselves to the $6,000 seventh-place prize. Russia’s “ShowMustGo0N” scooped $8,000 for their seventh-place exit.

Place Player Country Prize
1 lasochobi Argentina $46,000
2 sweet_dr34ms Russia $32,000
3 M9yM9so Russia $24,300
4 kiskutya23   $18,000
5 Imyurfriend Austria $12,000
6 Dominik “Dominik888” Nitsche United Kingdom $10,000
7 ShowMustGo0N Russia $8,000
8 Nudinen United Kingdom $6,000
9 PridvorD Ukraine $5,000


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High Rollers $500 at Natural8

Date November 10th
Buy-in $500
Guarantee $100,000
Entrants 190
Prize pool $100,000
ITM 26

Another tournament that ended in a deal was the High Rollers $500 at Natural8. Some 190 players bought in and 26 received a slice of $100,000 prize pool.

“Albaman” of the Ukraine was the first of the nine finalists to fall and they received a $2,207 payout. Next to bust was “PunchBobShitBloke” for $2,905 before “Johan Hill” got their hands on the $3,822 seventh-place prize.

“Lexandru” and “thatsactuallyfucked” were the next casualties. Sixth and fifth place were worth paydays of $5,030 and $6,619 respectively. “5094EDF” then scooped $8,711 for their fourth-place exit before India’s “DoJingBULLETSS” won the first five-figure prize of the night, namely $11,463.

This left Enrico “GTOExploiter” Camosci and “psjebemvas” to lock horns heads-up. Before the latter won that battle, a deal was struck that saw Camosci collect $17,319. The champion got their hands on $17,616.

Place Player Country Prize
1 psjebemvas The Bahamas $17,616*
2 Enrico “GTOExploiter” Camosci Malta $17,319*
3 DoJingBULLETSS India $11,463
4 5094EDF Mexico $8,711
5 thatsactuallyfucked Albania $6,619
6 Lexandru Canada $5,030
7 Johan Hill Sweden $3,822
8 PunchBobShitBloke Ecuador $2,905
9 Albaman Ukraine $2,207

*reflects a heads-up deal

High Rollers $250 at Natural8

Date November 17th
Buy-in $250
Guarantee $75,000
Entrants 339
Prize pool $77,970
ITM 47

The final tournament featuring in the Sunday Briefing this week is the High Rollers $250 that saw “didi2” of Israel outlast 338-opponents to bank the $14,527 first-place prize. The champion defeated “rubbherducky” heads-up to resign the Canadian to the $10,673 runner-up prize.

Before this happened, “Mateu Lahoz” of Malta won the $1,233 ninth-place prize and “PunchBobShitBloke” hit another final table at natural8, falling in eighth for $1,678. Germany’s “DIE_ANTON” secured a $2,284 payout.

Uruguay’s “Renacuaj0” collected $3,109 for finishing sixth with “zudummfuernamen” netting $4,232 after running out of luck in fifth-place. Iceland’s “galdhopiggen” and “MikeHawk” were the next two players to see their tournaments end. Their exits brought payouts of $5,761 and $7,841 respectively.

Place Player Country Prize
1 didi2 Israel $14,527
2 rubbherducky Canada $10,673
3 MikeHawk Germany $7,841
4 Galdhopiggen Iceland $5,761
5 zudummfuernamen Germany $4,232
6 Renacuaj0 Uruguay $3,109
7 DIE_ANTON Germany $2,284
8 PunchBobShitBloke Ecuador $1,678
9 Mateu Lahoz Malta $1,233

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  • The biggest prize on Nov. 17 went to "vem kikando" who won the partypoker MILLION for $114,876.

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