Sunday Briefing: Combes Runner-Up in Sunday Million, Boivin 2nd in High Roller Gladiator

Sunday Briefing: Combes Runner-Up in Sunday Million, Boivin 2nd in High Roller Gladiator


Table Of Contents

  • PokerStars $109 Sunday Million
  • PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller
  • partypoker Sunday High Roller Gladiator: $250K Gtd
  • partypoker Sunday High Roller Deepstack: $200K Gtd
  • 888poker $100,000 Mega Deep
  • 888poker $50,000 Sunday Whale
  • Natural8 Sunday Blade $10K
  • Natural8 Sunday Blade $5K

Some big prizes were awarded this weekend with the high roller action once again taking place at Natural8. Let’s check it this week’s mammoth-sized hauls with PokerStars up first, followed by partypoker, 888poker, and Natural8.

PokerStars $109 Sunday Million

Date March 10th
Buy-in $109
Guarantee $1,000,000
Entrants 10,469
Prize pool $1,046,900
ITM 1,826

The cut price PokerStars Sunday Million continues to be popular with 10,469 players turning out for it this week, creating a $1,046,900 prize pool as a result, impressive for a $109 buy-in tournament.

That $109 investment was worth $7,808 by the time the nine-handed final table was reached and was the prize awarded to ninth-place finisher “Donborno3250” of Denmark.

United Kingdom’s “Bluestarze” was the first player to lock up a five-figure prize, their eighth-place finish awarding them $10,860 and the prize money increased rapidly from that point onwards.

“Gyony77nyc” busted in seventh-place for $15,105 with Niklas “Kley” Kley turning their $109 into $21,008 follo0wing his exit in sixth-place. Russian grinder “Kazeev S.S” fell in fifth-place and locked up a cool $29,218 before the first of two Brazilians at the final table, “Iforoni” saw their tournament come to an abrupt end in fourth-place for $40,637.

The second Brazilian, “vcezar” collected $56,518 after falling in third-place, setting up a heads-up battle between the UK’s Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes and Lithuania’s “BalticMoose.

Combes, who has several major online titles to his name, including the Super Tuesday, fell in second-place but not before striking a deal that saw him bank $83,813, leaving the Lithuanian to walk away with a massive $104,126 and the title of Sunday Million champion.

Place Player Country Prize
1 BalticMoose Lithuania $104,126*
2 Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes United Kingdom $83,813*
3 vcezar Brazil $56,518
4 Iforoni Brazil $40,637
5 Kazeev S.S Russia $29,218
6 Niklas “Kley” Kley Sweden $21,008
7 gyony77nyc Romania $15,105
8 Bluestarze United Kingdom $10,860
9 Donborno3250 Denmark $7,808

* reflects a heads-up deal

Charlie Combes
Charlie “JIZOINT” Combes finished runner-up for $83,813*

PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller

Date March 10th
Buy-in $2,100
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 112
Prize pool $224,000
ITM 13

Sweden’s “anteen” was another player who won big this Sunday thanks to outlasting a star-studded field of 112 players in the $2,100 Sunday High Roller. What made the Swede’s victory all the more impressive was they managed it on their one bullet, despite several other players firing three $2,100 shots at the prize pool.

Again, the final table was a who’s who of online poker with Artem “veeea” Vezhenkov being the first player to fall at the nine-handed final table. Moldova’s “silentm0de” crashed out in eighth-place with Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche exiting in seventh-place for the second week running, this one worth $10,593.

Any of the final six players would have been a worthy champion, but tournament poker only allows for one winner.

Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas collected $13,793 for his sixth-place finish, “CrazyLissy” of Russia fell short and busted in fifth-place for $17,959 while Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell turned her $2,100 into $23,384.

Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves fired three bullets and turned those into $30,447, leaving Ivan “Negriin” Luca and “anteen” to battle for the lion’s share of the prize pool. It was a fight the Swede went on to win, securing the $51,617 top prize and resigning Luca to a $39,643 consolation prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 anteen Sweden $51,617
2 Ivan “Negriin” Luca Argentina $39,643
3 Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves United Kingdom $30,447
4 Kristen “krissyb24” Bicknell Canada $23,384
5 CrazyLissy Russia $17,959
6 Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas Hungary $13,793
7 Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche United Kingdom $10,593
8 silentm0de Moldova $8,136
9 Artem “veeea” Vezhenkov Russia $6,248
Ivan Luca
Ivan “Negriin” Luca finished runner-up for $39,643


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partypoker Sunday High Roller Gladiator: $250K Gtd

Date March 10th
Buy-in $2,100
Guarantee $250,000
Entrants 123
Prize pool $252,150
ITM 16

Over at partypoker, Moldovan pro “nipa3p3” walked away $61,307 richer thanks to taking down the $250,000 guaranteed Sunday High Roller Gladiator tournament. Some 123-players bought in for $2,100 and saw the guarantee surpassed by $2,150.

There were plenty of big names at the final table, as you would expect from such a high buy-in affair.

“Rudiqa1” of Latvia was the final table’s first casualty, their eighth-place was worth $15,848 when bounties were taken into consideration.

“Chelsea72” is a regular in partypoker’s bigger buy-in tournaments, and they fell in seventh-place for $10,605 before “IamPEAKing” of Costa Rica busted in sixth-place for a $7,137 haul.

Fifth-place and $9,646 went to “dean23price” before Finland’s Samuel “JHelppi” Vousden crashed out in fourth-spot for a $22,597 addition to his bankroll. Vousden was joined on the sidelines by “onehundredeyes” who scored a $26,408 prize, which set up a one-on-one encounter between UK-based Belgian Thomas “chaAt” Boivin and nipa3p3.

Boivin busted in second-place for $28,841, leaving nipa3p3 to bank $61,307.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty Prize Total Prize
1 nipa3p3 Moldova $23,157 $38,160 $61,307
2 Thomas “chaAat” Boivin United Kingdom $23,132 $5,709 $28,841
3 onehundredeyes Austria $16,532 $9,876 $26,408
4 Samuel “JHelppi” Vousden Finland $11,572 $11,025 $22,597
5 dean23price Netherlands $8,596 $1,050 $9,646
6 IamPEAKing Costa Rica $6,612 $525 $7,137
7 Chelsea72 Austria $5,290 $5,315 $10,605
8 rudiqa1 Latvia $4,298 $11,550 $15,848
Thomas Boivin
Thomas “chaAat” Boivin fnished runner-up for $28,841

partypoker Sunday High Roller Deepstack: $200K Gtd

Date March 10th
Buy-in $1,050
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 203
Prize pool $203,000
ITM 32

Three players from the United Kingdom reached the eight-handed final table of the Sunday High Roller Deepstack, a $200,000 guaranteed affair that saw 203 players buy in for $1,050.

Team partypoker’s Roberto “WelshWizard” Romanello was the first of the British trio to bust from this event, eventually falling in fifth-place for $11,165; Romanello was the first player in the tournament to win a five-figure score.

Russia pair “justkot” and “aLiNeNok1617” then fell in fourth and third-place respectively, turning their $1,050 investments into $15,834 and $21,416, leaving a British duo as the last two players standings.

“BigPescado69” and “CardiffPhil” fought one-on-one for the title and it was the latter who emerged victorious, banking a cool $41,391 and leaving the runner-up to collect a still welcomed $30,044.

Place Player Country Prize
1 CardiffPhil United Kingdom $41,391
2 BigPescado69 United Kingdom $30,044
3 aLiNeNok1617 Russia $21,416
4 justkot Russia $15,834
5 Roberto “WelshWizard” Romanello United Kingdom $11,165
6 whresmymind Brazil $8,526
7 KryptoKing420 Canada $6,293
8 SchelampigaUhu Austria $4,669
Roberto Romanello
Roberto “WelshWizard” Romanello finished fifth for $11,165


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888poker $100,000 Mega Deep

Date March 10th
Buy-in $215
Guarantee $100,000
Entrants 510
Prize pool $102,000
ITM 45

Now to 888poker where “DeuceofDuc0” finished on top of a 510-strong field in the $100,000 Mega Deep, a finish worth $19,737.

Everyone at the nine-handed final table was guaranteed at least $1,785, the sum Tim “REALTTWIST” Kelly walked away with. Kelly was joined in the showers by “LucySagara70”, “Lik3az0mbY”, last week’s champion “DubaiPrince4” and “nitGMmator”, the latter scooping $5,814.

A prize weighing in at $8,415 was awarded to Brazil’s “ivanlimeira” when they fell in fourth-place, and the first five-figure prize went to “komarolo222” of Uruguay who busted in third-place for $11,220.

DeuceofDuc0 defeated Germany’s “Barkley83” heads-up for the title, leaving the German to collect $14,790.

Place Player Country Prize
1 DeuceofDuc0   $19,737
2 Barkley83 Germany $14,790
3 komarolo222 Uruguay $11,220
4 ivanlimeira Brazil $8,415
5 nitGMmator Brazil $5,814
6 DubaiPrince4 Norway $4,488
7 Lik3az0mbY Germany $3,468
8 LucySagara70   $2,448
9 Tim “REALTTWIST” Kelly Canada $1,785

888poker $50,000 Sunday Whale

Date March 10th
Buy-in $1,050
Guarantee $50,000
Entrants 59
Prize pool $59,000

After reaching the final table of the $100,000 Mega Deep, Canada’s Tim “REALTTWIST” Kelly navigated his way to a second-place finish in the $50,000 Sunday Whale.

Only six of the 55 starters received prize money, “wisimaki” being the first player to bust inside the money, so a $3,245 haul was theirs.

Malta-based pro “Farrugia_1” has enjoyed many big results at 888poker and added $4,425 to their winnings there courtesy of a fifth-place finish, while Simon “IggyGak” Pedersen turned their $1,050 into $5,900 after falling in fourth-place.

Ukrainian superstar Roman “Romeopro33” Romanovskiy collected the $8,850 third-place prize, with Kelly banking $14,750 for his runner-up finish. This meant the champion, “tmurdah” secured a $21,830 prize for being the last player standing.

Place Player Country Prize
1 tmurdah   $21,830
2 Tim “REALTTWIST” Kelly Canada $14,750
3 Roman “Romeopro33” Romanovskiy Ukraine $8,850
4 Simon “IggyGak” Pedersen Denmark $5,900
5 Farrugia_1 Malta $4,425
6 wisimaki United Kingdom $3,245


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Natural8 Sunday Blade $10K

Date March 10th
Buy-in $10,000
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 38
Prize pool $368,600

“FuTimReilly” of Austria helped themselves to a $122,954 prize by winning the Natural 8 Sunday Blade $10K on Mar. 10. It was a $10,000 tournament that saw 38 entries and a $368,600 prize pool that was shared among the top five finishers.

Thailand’s “ImLividBuddy” burst the money bubble, paving the way for “SasukeUchina” to bank the $23,169 fifth-place prize. He was joined on the sidelines by “AceKing41” who collected $36,808 only a week after finishing second in this event for $83,125.

Third-place went to “NONAMES” of Mexico, a finish worth $58,478 which left FuTim Reilly and Canada’s “Shark Bait” to lock horns heads-up. The heads-up duo struck a deal for the remaining prize pool that saw Shark bait walk away with $127,189, slightly more than the $122,954 the champion FuTimRielly secured.

Place Player Country Prize
1 FuTimReilly Austria $122,954*
2 Shark Bait Canada $127,189*
3 NONAMES Mexico $58,478
4 AceKing41 Canada $36,808
5 SasukeUchina Canada $23,169

Natural8 Sunday Blade $5K

Date March 10th
Buy-in $5,000
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 55
Prize pool $261,250

This weekend’s Sunday Blade $5K was another tournament at Natural8 to smash it’s guarantee thanks to 55 players creating a $261,250 prize pool shared among the top seven finishers.

A min-cash weighed in at $10,844, the prize gifted to “carsonwentz” for his seventh-place finish. A larger $15,021 is now nestled in the Natural8 account of “0milly” of the United Kingdom after they busted in sixth-place, while “baita” of Brazil took home $20,809 for their fifth-place bust out.

Representing Costa Rica was “TexasPete” whose tournament ended in fourth-place, a finish worth $28,825 before “NONAMES”, fresh from a $58,478 cash in the Sunday Blade $10K, dusted off their stack in third-place for an additional $39,930.

There was no heads-up deal despite a near $35,000 difference between first and second-place. This meant when Dutch player “ExclusiveA” fell in second-place, they banked $55,312 leaving “ImLividBuddy” to scoop the $90,506 top prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 ImLividBuddy Thailand $90,506
2 ExclusiveA Netherlands $55,312
3 NONAMES Mexico $39,930
4 TexasPete Costa Rica $28,825
5 baita Brazil $20,809
6 0milly UNited Kingdom $15,021
7 carsonwentz Mexico $10,844

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  • "FuTimReilly" was a big winner on Mar. 10, chopping the Natural8 SUnday Blade $10K for $122,954.

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