Sunday Briefing: Eizy Secures a Six-Figure Prize

Sunday Briefing: Eizy Secures a Six-Figure Prize

Sunday Briefing

Table Of Contents

  • $109 Sunday Million at PokerStars
  • $2,100 Sunday High Roller at PokerStars
  • $25K Blade at Natural8
  • $25K Blade at Natural8
  • High Roller Gladiator at partypoker
  • Sunday Gladiator at partypoker
  • $20,000 Sunday Sale Whale at 888poker
  • $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep at 888poker

Some players managed to achieve to score big on October 6th, especially “Eizy” of the United Kingdom who was crowned the PokerStars Sunday Million champion and padded their bankroll with more than $100,000.

$109 Sunday Million at PokerStars

Date October 6th
Buy-in $109
Guarantee $1,000,000
Entrants 10,623
Prize pool $1,062,300
ITM 1,934

This week’s Sunday Million reverted back to a traditional tournament after the previous few were played as Progressive Kknockouts. Some 10,623 players turned out for this week’s tournament, creating a $1,062,300 prize pool that was shared among the top 1,934 finishers.

All but one of the players who reached the nine-handed final table secured a five-figure prize. Ninth-place finisher “G0DH3lpMe” of Malta collected $8,386.

The first of two players residing in the UK, “Parthannax” busted in eighth-place and locked up an $11,556 score. Next to the digital cashier’s desk was “jxxy93604” all the way from China. Their seventh-place exit netting $15,923.

A brace of Canadian grinders navigated their way to the final table and one of them fell in sixth-place. “Sosojcanada” collected $21,942 after running out of steam.

Greece’s “Velouxiotis” was the next casualty of the final table, their fifth-place elimination yielding $30,326 before “Graeme777” of Canada saw their tournament come to an abrupt end in fourth-place, a finish worth $41,665.

The heads-up was set when Ukraine’s “DTS|Travka” was sent packing in third-place for $57,413.

A prize jump of almost $30,000 didn’t raise any concerns for the final two players and they battled it out without a deal in place. This means when Hungary’s “boerni21” busted in second-place they won $79,114 leaving “Eizy” to bank $109,029 and the title of champion.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Eizy United Kingdom $109,029
2 boerni21 Hungary $79,114
3 DTSITravka Ukraine $57,413
4 Graeme7777 Canada $41,665
5 Velouxiotis Greece $30,236
6 sosojcanada Canada $21,942
7 jxxy93604 China $15,923
8 Parthannax United Kingdom $11,556
9 G0DplzH3lpMe Malta $8,386

$2,100 Sunday High Roller at PokerStars

Date October 6th
Buy-in $2,100
Guarantee $125,000
Entrants 88
Prize pool $176,000
ITM 11

The final table of the $2,100 Sunday High Roller is usually a star-studded one and this weekend’s was no difference. Any of the nine players could have won this high roller event, but only one player can emerge victoriously in poker tournaments.

The dream of victory was over for Mustapha “lasagnaammmm” Kanit when he lost his stack to fall in ninth place for $5,885. Kanit was first joined on the rail by Swedish legend Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson who scored $6,680 then by Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza who won back-to-back SCOOP Main Events this May. Speranza secured an $8,688 payout.

The first five-figure prize, namely $11,300, went to German sensation Ole “wizowizo” Schemion before Andrey “ThePateychuk” Pateychuk continued his resurgence in form by locking up the $14,697 fifth-place prize. Fourth place and $19,116 was awarded to Johannes “Greenstone25” Korsar to leave only three players in the hunt for the title and more than $42,000.

Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford, a talented Brit registered in the Netherlands, was the third-place finisher for $24,862. This left “fishbones11” and “hello_totti” to fight it out one-on-one for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Russia’s hello_totti said hello to the $42,058 top prize after sending his Canadian opponent to the rail in second-place. The runner-up finish was worth $32,337.

Place Player Country Prize
1 hello_totti Russia $42,058
2 fishbones11 Canada $32,337
3 Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford Netherlands $24,862
4 Johannes “Greenstone25” Korsar Sweden $19,116
5 Andrey “ThePateychuk” Pateychuk Russia $14,697
6 Ole “wizowizo” Schemion Austria $11,300
7 Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza Austria $8,688
8 Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson Sweden $6,680
9 Mustapha “lasagaaammmm” Kanit United Kingdom $5,885
Conor Beresford
Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford finished 3rd for $24,862


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$25K Blade at Natural8

Date October 6th
Buy-in $25,000
Guarantee $0
Entrants 61
Prize pool $1,494,500

Naturl8 is fast becoming the online poker site for high stales tournaments on Sunday with several $25,000 buy-in tournaments taking place. This one didn’t have a guarantee, but still attracted 61 entries and a $1,494,500 prie pool was created for the top eight finishers to enjoy.

"BigBlindBets" of the UK, perhaps the same player who won the WCOOP Main Event, finished in eighth place for $54,798. Seventh-place and $72,431 went to Canada’s "ravenoustrashdog" before another Canadian in the shape of "chapdelaine" busted in sixth-place for $95,739; they were the last player not to lock up six-figures in prize money.

$126,547 was awarded to "RockyMarciano" when they fell in Fifth-place with "ChavoGuerrero" collecting $167,269 for their fourth-place elimination. "Stevie444" was the next to lose their chips, third-place being worth $221,094. This left only "PinkyHearts" and "KenBrynney" left in contention for the $464,377 top prize. It went the way of the latter who resigned "PinkyHearts" to a $292,240 consolation prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 KenBrynney Canada $464,377
2 PinkyHearts Cyprus $292,240
3 Stevie444 United Kingdom $221,094
4 ChavoGuerrero Mexico $167,269
5 RockyMarciano Canada $126,547
6 chapdelaine Canada $95,739
7 ravenoustrashdog Canada $72,431
8 BigBlindBets United ingdom $54,798

$25K Blade at Natural8

Date October 6th
Buy-in $25,000
Guarantee $0
Entrants 47
Prize pool $1,151,500

Another $25,000 Blade event attracted 47 players and created a $1,151,500 prize pool. Only six players receive a slice of that king-sized sum. The first player to get some cash for their $25,000 buy-in was "LuckyChewyFan69" whose exit in sixth place netted $55,071. Finnish star "NOMAMES", a regular in the Natural8 high rollers, finished in fifth place for a $81,991 score and was joined on the rail by "KenBrynney" fresh from victory in the earlier $25K. this fourth-place finish saw the Canadian haul in $122,070.

The penultimate elimination was that of "Pdawg" from Austria who had to settle for a $181,741 cash injection to their bankroll. Heads-up was between "RockyMarciano" and the UK’s "StacknNvrSlackn". It was RockyMarciano who knocked out the final player to secure the $424,583 top prize and resign the runner-up to a $286,041 prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 RockyMarciano Canada $424,583
2 StacknNvrSlackn United Kingdom $286,041
3 Pdawg Austria $181,741
4 KenBrynney Canada $122,070
5 NOMAMES Finland $81,991
6 LuckyChewyFan69 Canada $55,071

High Roller Gladiator at partypoker

Date October 6th
Buy-in $2,100
Guarantee $200,000
Entrants 139
Prize pool $284,950
ITM 18

Over at partypoker, the biggest tournaments were PKO events. PKO tournaments at partypoker see no rake charged on the bounty element of the buy-in, leading to larger bounties and lower overall rake. They also pay first and second-place a similar sum, leaving the heads-up duo to lock horns for the by now sizeable bounty.

Heads-up in the High Roller Gladiator saw “PayAndPlay” and “Madgenius111” do battle. They were guaranteed $26,598 from the main prize pool, with first-place paying a fair sum more. Bounties were huge thanks to these two players employing an aggressive style at the table. When PayAndPlay sent Madgenius111 to the rail in second place, they padded their main prize pool prize with $29,564 worth of bounties. The runner-up also won plenty of scalps, seeing their haul increased by a cool $21,951.

Shout-out to fourth-place finish “marathur1” who, aside from the heads-up duo, was the only player to win five-figures worth of bounty payments. They saw their $13,306 prize increased by $14,699 when bounties were added to the payouts.

Place Player Prize Bounties Total Prize
1 PayAndPlay $26,626 $29,564 $56,190
2 Madgenius111 $26,598 $21,951 $48,549
3 dartazzzz $18,785 $5,250 $24,035
4 mararthur1 $13,306 $14,699 $28,005
5 Toppairlover $9,783 $5,578 $15,361
6 Saul.Goodman $6,496 $6,825 $13,321
7 BreakingTheLAW $4,378 $3,543 $7,921
8 BRAER_71RUS $4,378 $4,200 $8,578

Sunday Gladiator at partypoker

Date October 6th
Buy-in $320
Guarantee $150,000
Entrants 831
Prize pool $255,948
ITM 104

partypoker’s $320 buy-in events are always well-attended thanks to the many satellites that feed into them. Some 831 players bought into the $320 Sunday Gladiator this weekend and created a guarantee-busting $255,948 prize pool. Half of this sum was put on the heads of each entrant, the other fifty percent was shared among the top 104 finishers.

“Phalizide” banked their largest prize, a cool $34,559 including bounty payments. They defeated “mbnlfg” heads-up for the title, resigning the runner-up to a still welcomed $27,883 consolation prize.

Two other players saw their bankroll’s increase by five-figures. “Balls2Heart1” put their first part of their alias on the line one too many times and crashed out in fourth-place for $10,830 in total. Third-place and $15,059 went to “PokerEnemyNo1”.

Place Player Prize Bounties Total Prize
1 Phalizide $17,464 $17,095 $34,559
2 mbnlfg $17,439 $10,044 $27,883
3 PokerEnemyNo1 $11,721 $3,338 $15,059
4 Balls2Heart1 $7,942 $2,888 $10,830
5 TomHuls99 $5,606 $1,989 $7,595
6 Jeff “JeffGross” Gross $4,039 $158 $4,197
7 Lisek Chytrusek $2,885 $1,293 $4,178
8 S4LSICCI4 $2,006 $2,194 $4,200


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$20,000 Sunday Sale Whale at 888poker

Date October 6th
Buy-in $320
Guarantee $20,000
Entrants 139
Prize pool $41,700
ITM 15

888poker ran its Sunday Sale promotion again this weekend, slashing the buy-ins of some of its most popular tournaments. Its players fully supported the idea with the $20,000 Sunday Sale Whale seeing a prize pool of $41,700 created when 139 players bought in for $320.

The top 15 finishers received a slice of this pie with “Veisi” winning $1,146 for their ninth-place finish. They were joined on the rail first by “MarkBurtoni” of the UK and then by “Jesusisback” who collected $1,459 and $1,772 respectively.

“IbetUfold_x” got a call not a fold when all-in and busted in sixth-place for $2,189 before “paraRC” of the UK scooped the $2,710 fifth-place prize. Fourth place and $3,857 was awarded to “bah23” with “meucci_1” of Sweden taking home $5,421 after running out of luck in third place.

It was a classic UK versus Germany battle heads-up for the title. Germany’s “b4his” became the last player standing and turned their $320 into $10,425, leaving the Brit to console themselves with the $7,089 second-place prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 b4his Germany $10,425
2 Nudinen United Kingdom $7,089
3 meucci_1 Sweden $5,421
4 bah23   $3,857
5 paraRC United Kingdom $2,710
6 IbetUfold_x Austria $2,189
7 Jesusisback   $1,772
8 MarkBurtoni United Kingdom $1,459
9 Veisi Russia $1,146

$100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep at 888poker

Date October 6th
Buy-in $109
Guarantee $100,000
Entrants 1,292
Prize pool $129,200
ITM 117

The $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep was huge on October 6th with 1,292 players creating a $129,200 prize pool. This princely sum was paid out to the top 117 finishers, with the top three players winning five-figure prizes.

Canadian star Jesse “shakentoucan” Johnson was the first player to bank one of those five-figure prizes as third place was worth $12,532.

Both heads-up players also won big with the second-place finisher “cairoek” winning $16,796 from their home in Brazil. This left “wells_russ” as the last player standing, meaning they became the latest 888poker champion and had locked up $23,256.

Fourth-placed “LeetRunGoot” narrowly missed out on five-figures, their finishing position was worth $9,367.

Place Player Country Prize  
1 wells_russ Canada $23,256  
2 cairoek Brazil $16,796  
3 Jesse “shakentoucan” Johnson Canada $12,532  
4 LeetRunGoot Canada $9,367  
5 WolfMpA Romania $6,511  
6 vitalik1606 Russia $5,219  
7 M.H.Rise   $3,927  
8 Worm236 India $2,648  
9 BadBeatMaker Brazil $1,615  


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  • This week’s PokerStars Sunday Million champion was "Eizy" of the UK who won almost $110,000.

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