The Action Is Hot at the Unibet €40,000 Winter Bootcamp

The Action Is Hot at the Unibet €40,000 Winter Bootcamp

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The winter months can be an arduous slog with dark mornings, darker nights and temperatures that would make a penguin shiver. This isn’t the case at Unibet Poker, however, because until Feb. 17 they are running the €40,000 Winter Bootcamp where you can win weekly cash prizes worth up to €2,000.

Unibet Poker has created the €40,000 Winter Bootcamp as an achievement-based promotion revolving around cash games. You earn points for the Winter Bootcamp leaderboard each time you complete one of these achievements, which you will do frequently through normal play.

Winter Bootcamp Unlimited Achievements

Achievement NLHE Points PLO Points
Reach the flop with at least three opponents 2 1
Reach the flop in two consecutive hands 2 1
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot 3 3
Be dealt 72 in your starting hand 4 2
Be dealt a straight flush 1,000 300

There are some daily and weekly achievements you can complete to give your points tally a significant boost. If you complete one of the daily Hold’em achievements, you cannot complete the Omaha achievement on the same day and vice versa.

Achievement Frequency Points
Play at least two cash games simultaneously Daily 200
Win three pots in any Pot Limit Omaha cash game Daily 200
Reach at least five cash game flops on three consecutive days Weekly 500
Reach at least five cash games flops on seven consecutive days Weekly 1,000

Unibet applies multipliers to the points you earn in the Winter Bootcamp Unlimited Achievements based on the stakes you are playing for. Mid Stakes Bootcamp are cash games played at the NL/PL25, NL/PL50 and NL/PL100 tables, with High Stakes Bootcamp games being those played at the NL/PL200 and NL/PL400 tables.

Stakes Leaderboard Multiplier
NL/PL25 Mid Stakes 1
NL/PL50 Mid Stakes 2
NL/PL100 Mid Stakes 3
NL/PL200 High Stakes 1
NL/PL400 High Stakes 2

Two more weeks remain in this promotion so you have the chance to win up to €4,000 cash just for playing your favorite cash games. The remaining dates of the €40,000 Winter Bootcamp are:

  • Jan. 21 to Feb. 3
  • Feb. 4 to Feb. 17

What Can I Win in the €40,000 Winter Bootcamp?

The Winter Bootcamp is split into Mid Stakes and High Stakes as mentioned above, with the Mid Stakes leaderboard paying the top 50 places and the High Stakes leaderboard rewarding the top 10 finishers.

Prizes range from €25 cash all the way up to €2,000!

Mid Stakes Prizes

Rank Prize
1 €600
2 €400
3 €300
4 €250
5 €200
6-10 €100
11-20 €75
21-30 €50
31-50 €25

High Stakes Prizes

Rank Prize
1 €2,000
2 €1,250
3 €1,000
4 €550
5-10 €200

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  • Complete simple cash game missions to win cash prizes of up to €2,000 in the Unibet Winter Bootcamp.

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