These Are Four Major Benefits of Being a Skrill VIP

These Are Four Major Benefits of Being a Skrill VIP

Skrill VIP

The Oxford Dictionary definition of “VIP” is simply a very important person and that’s exactly how you’ll feel and be treated when you become a Skrill VIP.

Skrill is the market leader in online payment processing, giving you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to transferring and receiving cash around the world. It is a widely accepted payment and withdrawal method for online poker sites, plus tens of thousands of vendors across the planet.

Users climb the four-tier Skrill VIP programme as they make transactions from their Skrill accounts. Transact over €6,000 during a quarter to become Bronze, up that to €15,000 to climb to Silver and make over €45,000 worth of transactions to be crowned a Gold VIP. Diamond is the highest available tier and is reserved for those transacting over €90,000 during a quarter.

Each tier comes with its own benefits, with higher tiers enjoying more rewards, as you would expect. Becoming a Skrill VIP, however, ensures you’ll enjoy these four main benefits from the second you become at least a Bronze VIP.

Join an Exclusive Club

By becoming a Skrill VIP, you immediately enjoy priority bank uploads and higher limits on all transactions, both online and offline. You also have a little kudos among your peers as you have become part of an exclusive club of VIPs and they know you’re receiving a raft of benefits from being a Skrill VIP.

Ultimate Protection

While Skrill is one of the most secure e-wallets available today, we live in a world where unscrupulous people do everything in their power to acquire your details and rob you of your hard-earned cash. As a Skrill VIP, you benefit from their “100% money back” guarantee should you lose any funds in your Skrill wallet through theft or fraud.

It is extremely unlikely you will ever need this guarantee as there is two-step verification available and all Skrill VIPs are protected against fraud with a Skrill security token.

24/7 Dedicated Support

You will probably never need to contact Skrill’s excellent customer support team, but you can rest at ease knowing that Skrill VIPs have access to them 24 hours a day, which is extremely helpful if you frequently travel for poker, work or are lucky enough to take several vacations each year.

It is worth noting that Skrill VIPs with silver status and above have a personal account manager at their beck and call too; this personal touch definitely makes you feel like a true VIP.

Access to Lower Fees

Some of you reading this will find this next section the most important because it revolves around saving money, and who doesn’t like to save a few dollars here and there? As a Skrill VIP, the more you use Skrill, the less you pay because you gain access to reduced fees for your transactions.

Silver VIPs and above can send money for free and even withdraw to their bank accounts with no fees incurred at all.

Some more of the benefits of being a Skrill VIP include:

Benefit Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Multi-currency account No One account Two accounts Three accounts
Personal Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Priority bank uploads No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated 24/7 VIP Care Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send Money Fee 1.45% Free Free Free
Send Money Fee Cap No cap Zero Zero Zero
Bank withdrawal fees €5.50 Free Free Free
Skrill Waller FX Rates 3.79% 2.89% 2.59% 1.99%

Sign up for a free Skrill account today, go about your daily business and see if you can become a Skrill VIP and start enjoying all of these benefits.

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  • Skrill VIPs enjoys a wealth of benefits. Here are the main four of note.

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