Throwback Thursday: Could You Beat Poker Jeopardy?

Throwback Thursday: Could You Beat Poker Jeopardy?


James Holzhauer is making headlines for his current historic run on Jeopardy. The professional sports gambler annihilated the record for most money won on a single day for a staggering $110,914.

Holzhauer isn’t the first gambler to succeed on the long-running American game show. In 2015, former poker player Alex Jacob won over $150,000 over the course of five episodes.

As of yesterday, Holzhauer has accumulated $1,135,175 over the course of 15 episodes. He now sits at third place on the all-time Jeopardy money list behind Brad Rutter with $4,688,435 in winnings and Ken Jennings with $3,370,700 in winnings.

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we focus on a more nuanced Jeopardy: Poker Jeopardy! Back in 2015, former PokerStars Team Pro Bryan Huang faced off against PokerStars tournament director Danny McDonagh answering…errrr…asking questions related to poker players, poker games, and poker strategy. How would you fare on Poker Jeopardy‘The Suicide King.’

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  • TBT: Danny McDonagh and Bryan Huang face off on Poker Jeopardy! Watch and play along!

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