Throwback Thursday: Weight Gain Prop Bet

Throwback Thursday: Weight Gain Prop Bet


Within the last year and a half, both Jaime Staples and Bryn Kenney have made headlines with their weight LOSS prop bets. Staples lost over 100 pounds and split a $150,000 win with his brother, while Kenney lost over 65 lbs also for a rumored six-figure win. What would happen if the opposite prop bet was made’virgutis’ data-zone=’pn2013:article728’>

This week’s Throwback Thursday video from PCA 2014 has Sarah Herring and Kristy Arnett asking Mohsin Charania, Chris Moorman, Jake Cody, Mickey Petersen, and Dan Smith that exact question. Which of those poker players said he would do it for free and which said he needed $1 million target=’_blank’ rel=’noopener’>checking out an overview of our mobile and tablet apps here. Stay on top of the poker world from your phone with our mobile iOS and Android app, or fire up our iPad app on your tablet. You can also update your own chip counts from poker tournaments around the world with MyStack on both Android and iOS.

  • TBT: How much would your favorite poker players take to gain 40 lbs for a year?

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