Victor Ramdin Tops Five-Way Chop at Parx

Victor Ramdin Tops Five-Way Chop at Parx

Victor Ramdin

Victor Ramdin has found his way back into a winner’s photo after several years of sometimes fruitful, but trophy-less, grinding.

Ramdin, despite over $4.5 million in live tournament cashes, hadn’t finished first in an event since winning an open-face Chinese poker tournament back in 2013. His last big no-limit win came in 2011, when he won a $5,000 event at The Bicycle for $500,000.

However, coming off a big year of $350,000 in cashes, Ramdin appears to be keeping the heater going for 2019. On Monday night, the former PokerStars Team Pro topped a five-way chop in a field of 2,874 in Parx Big Stax XXVIII 300 for $87,327.

Place Player Prize
1 Victor Ramdin $87,327*
2 Guoliang Chen $78,716*
3 Michael Marks $62,994*
4 Moshe Zarum $51,824*
5 Jeffrey Colpitts $51,505*
6 Bryan Neira $21,952
7 Harry McCloskey $16,791
8 Matt Gross $12,942
9 Greg Wish $10,648

*reflects five-way deal

Ramdin’s Run to the Final Five

According to the live updates from the event, Ramdin was short with only about 10 big blinds when 12 players remained, but he found ace-king and got it in against the ace-ten of Guoliang Chen to double up.

That enabled him to make it to the final table; however, he still had the shortest stack with eight players remaining after getting unlucky against a flush draw held by Harry McCloskey. Down to about 14 big blinds, Ramdin shoved all in with {q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} over an open and got called by Michael Marks, who held {a-}{k-} behind him. Luckily for Ramdin, he paired up on the river after flopping an open-ended straight draw to double back up.

Ramdin would then find another double with ace-king over ace-six on an ace-high flop.

Play continued with Matt Gross and McCloskey being eliminated, and then Ramdin got lucky once more. This time, his king-jack prevailed against Bryan Neira‘s ace-king to reduce the field to five.

The remaining players finished out the level and then decided to discuss a deal. In the end, they came to an agreement that saw Jeffrey Colpitts and Moshe Zarum walk with a little over $50,000, while Marks got $62,994, Chen $78,716 and Ramdin the lion’s share of $87,327.

Parx Big Stax XXVIII continues through March 4 with a number of big events still on the schedule. Big Stax 500, with three starting flights, begins Thursday, with Big Stax 1100 and Big Stax 2500 scheduled for the following two weekends, respectively.

Photo courtesy of Parx

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  • After a big 2018, Victor Ramdin continued rolling by chopping Big Stax 300 at Parx.

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